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How To Make Super Affiliate Commissions

  • How To Create a Sales Funnel 300% More Powerful
  • How to earn $847.00 daily online
  • 4 Sources of Free Online Traffic For Your Biz
  • 52 Page Booklet With Simple Instructions
Google Webmaster Tool – Gift From Zeus
Seo Services - Google WebMaster Tools Get Much Better

But First a little Google Bashing – Google Webmaster tool

Google WebMaster Tools Get Much Better

Google WebTools Now Usable

A lot of us google watchers, I have to tell you, simply love to bash Google. Being the ninety foot elephant, its sometimes hard to see around or thru the giant so perhaps its simply easier to just examine it closely, find a flaw and broadcast loudly and clearly for all to hear.

And there are a lot of flaws too. My pet peeve being that Google Analytics and hence the stats used by Adwords and Adsense are grossly different from my apache logs.

When Google claims I have had 2-300 unique visitors for the day, my 6 wordpress blog counters report shows an aggregate of 9-1,000 uniques and my AwStats reports which pull directly from my very accurate apache logs end up reporting up to 3,000 uniques – not returning visitors or bots.

How, pray tell, does one then reconcile google’s reported 300+ unique visitors to my much more accurate AwStats report of nearly 3,000 ?
No, its not bots or spammers, those are actually reported separately by AwStats.
You know, something just ain’t right about that. And this happens every day. That’s not a one time anomaly.

Seo BruteForce or EVOII or BFSEO

BruteForce Seo

Brute Force Seo

I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that a Top Secret “Back Door” to the incredible Brute Force SEO: EVO2 Membership that is making so many people SO much cashola has opened, and if you’re smart you will Jump On This right away:

The already awesome BFSEO:EVO2 membership just got even MORE powerful- Pete and the guys cooked up an insane deal with the dudes at Unique Article Wizard (the webs TOP Article spin and submission service) to actually …

Google Adwords – How Does it work? Advanced Level $84 CPC

Adwords – No longer the basic bid process system

I have been running adword campaigns for more than 10 years but like many others, I stopped using Google Adword Advertising when

Advanced Adwords - CTR and Quality Scores

Advanced Adwords – CTR and Quality Scores

CPC ( Costs per click ) started rising above $5 per click. If it takes 10 such clicks to get a lead, then 10 leads per sale, you can quickly see that even at this level your profit must be more than 5 * 10 * 10 or $500 in order to continue to make a profit.

Usually only bigger items like cars, realestate, medical/dental services can support these kinds of customer acquisition costs. Recurring billing like insurance and other such payments can also support this.

Over the years since I left Adwords, the Google interface has also changed tremendously, but this is to be expected, so let me dive right in and demystify a few things.

Firstly, I am now bidding on groups of keyword phrases that claim to have costs of up to $125 per click.

Google PPC Terms in which the CPC or Cost Per Click for the phrase Accident Claims goes up to $84.86 per click

Adwords related Legal Terms

Using the formula above, $84 * 10 * 10 = $8400. So, does my product have $8400 profit in it. Absolutely not. In truth, most times, the profit is less than 1/7 that amount. So the question is how does one bid on this?

The formula is based on CPC * Clicks to Leads * Leads to Sales.

Let’s see.

Can we do better than 10% in the Click to Lead ratio

Instead of using 10 as the Clicks to Leads percentage, if your landing page was spectacular you might convert 1 in 5 visitors to signup. This is a 20% conversion rate and while this can happen from email marketing it rarely happens in a CPC context. The truth is, most visitors would need to be pre-sold on the brand or heavily pre-qualified in order to get these kinds of numbers.

Do better than 10% in terms of Lead to Sales Conversion

The strength of your autoresponder series of messages or your Telephone Call Room will determine how far you can go with this Lead to Sales conversion ratio. However, it’s my experience that between

  • pranksters,
  • researchers,
  • marketing agencies, marketing departments
  • segment competition attempting to run up your CPC bills and decipher your autoresponder messages
  • as well as plethora of unemployed users with nothing to do,

anywhere between 20 – 60% of those who fill in the lead generation forms have no intention of purchasing or engaging with your services. This makes it difficult but not impossible to convert 1 in 10 but lets suppose that via an extraordinary effort or product/service you manage to get this down to 1 in 5 or 20%.

So, with the new optimised formula $84 * 5 * 5 = $2100. Does your product have enough margin to enable a profitable $2100 acquisition cost? Mine doesn’t. But if yours does, this might work for you.

So, how do I eek out manageable campaigns using a CPC or cost per click of $84?

Short answer – I don’t. I could tackle this and bring the CPC down to $30 but Giggles would take a considerable amount of money from me before I got the CPC down to $30. There are lower hanging fruit out there and this is not one of them.

If you have read this far, you’re probably not happy with that answer, so ok, I will tackle it. But first, I have to tell you that and can certainly give you related keywords.

Using Google Suggest in your PPC CampaignsFurther, you have to know that the Google suggest has changed everything. In short it has taken away a significant amount of the long tail keyword traffic. Before I tackle this $84 CPC, let me show you an easier way.

The Google suggest function pushes 75% or more of all search quests down a predefined path, like this.

If you are thinking of bidding on accident claim, perhaps “accident claim expert uk” which is known as a long tail keyword would be better.  It’s certainly going to be significantly cheaper – perhaps as low as $10 depending on other Quality Score factors in your account. I know what you are thinking so let me just save you some time. Yes, I went over to check this longer term on semrush and spyfu and both claim to have no data on it. I am undeterred by that for two reasons.

  • One, Google not only thinks its popular, but this week/month is actively pushing visitors through this path and I am not bidding for traffic at spyfu or semrush, we are bidding at Google.
  • Secondly, for the past 7 years, I have been helping to prop up a film studio in new york based on keywords that Google itself claimed there was not enough data to give me numbers on search numbers. Yet, its Google that is sending commercial quantity traffic to that business.

So that’s the cheat. Combine Google Suggest with your expensive keywords to find long tails that still have traffic on them because Giggles has decided there should be, lol.

Ok, I hear you – You still want to know how to tackle a $86 keyword.

The Truth is …

I have no idea where semrush or spyfu get their estimated costs from, because this keyword phrase might have costs that range from $20 all the way to $100+.

If you start a new adgroup in a new campaign in a new adwords account, you will probably get a price similar to the $84. Why, because your account has no history, your campaign and adgroup QS ( Quality Scores ) have no credibility with Google. So Google programmers, whom I am sure have shares in Google, have tilted their algorithms to eat your funds like nobody’s business until you prove to them that you know what you are doing. Ok so talk is cheap. How do I know this?

In the past four months, I spent over $35,000 in one campaign that had about 300+ keywords in it. One of them was a misspelling that was doing quite well in terms of conversions. I was paying about $10 per click for it. I decided that I could actually create a tighter campaign for this by creating a new campaign, with ads that were specific to this keyword term and landing pages that were seo’d for that misspelled keyword. Logical move, right?

So, we set it up one evening, paused the keyword in our original campaign and Giggles promptly rewarded us by tripling the Cost Per Click for this misspelling the following morning.

Why did this happen? It happened because the adword programmers use mathematics to determine ad positioning, quality of landing page, estimated click thru rate, at least 3 different Quality scores and more.

One of their algorithms gives very low scores to new campaigns  partially dependent on the existing score of the actual account holder. We thought that having spent over $100,000 with Google in the past year, that we would be able to start a new campaign with some credibility. Boy were we wrong. Well we know now that the money spent gives you large number of clicks, impressions and allows Google to see whether or how you are wasting their time. If you waste Google resources by not pausing keywords that have high impressions and very low CTR ( Click thru rates ) you are damaging the QS of that ad keyword, its adgroup, its campaign and ultimately that google adwords account.

This is sometimes why an Agency can initially start off achieving  much better results than you can.

Let’s Tackle that $84 CPC – because your boss told you, you have no choice …

First thing, is that you will tell your boss that you need what is possibly a $5,000 initial budget to feed the cookie monster because there is no way you will get sales for less than that. This initial effort isn’t meant to get sales, its meant to build your credibility and if your boss isn’t happy with that, then suggest that you negotiate much lower cost long tail keywords in the $10-$15 range.

So you have your budget and you’re ready to roar.

There are different strategies you can follow.

First method, is to create an ad with a bit of negativity in it. Lets assume that you are selling vacation packages that cost $3,999 for Cypress. Don’t hide that. Put it right into the ad.

Cypress Vacation of a lifetime

20% off. Now only $3,999

10 Spots available only.

Google+ 10,468 rated this 4.76 out of 5

One of the primary reasons that people click on ads is to find out the price, so don’t let them waste you $84 trying to find that out.

Cypress Vacation spot

Wanna go to a great Vacation Spot? 20% off

This is a negative ad and will have a very low CTR which Google dislikes hugely BUT, each click carries a Commercial Intent Value for you that might be 5 – 10 times higher. In other words, you may have saved yourself up to ( $84 * 10 ) in curiosity clicks. If Google feels they can charge you $100 or more, they will drop your estimated CTR to below average and give you a rather poor QS of 3 or 4 for your keyword. But the truth is, you don’t care because instead of converting 1 in 100, perhaps you convert 1 in 15 or 1 in 20. There is an art form to writing these ads successfully and in my experience most people can’t easily do it successfully.

Note, the above ad uses a Google ad extension with social proof. There are 3 very valuable extensions that any campaign that spends this kind of money must investigate.

  • Callouts – I.e. Expert Travel Agents – Live in Cypress
  • Sitelinks – Menu of places on your site
  • Google Plus Social proof ( my term )

Second method, do it the way Giggles want you to do it.

  • Your strategy will be focused on getting QS ( Quality Score ) 10 on as many of your keywords as possible.
  • Your strategy will start with keyword choices, scheduling and device focus set wide in order to learn about the behavioural patterns of the demographic that searches for your keywords
  • You will within the first 2 weeks quickly pause keywords that have a few thousand impressions and CTR under .75% in order to aid your adgroup QSAdrank-CPC-QS
  • Your adgroups will have less than 10 or so keyword phrases in order to ensure that the A/B tested ads are very specific to the keywords
  • Use Dynamic keyword insertion in the ads to ensure that the keyword phrase shows up in the ad. I.e. {Keyword:Cypress Vacation Sell Off} If the keyword is too long, your chosen phrase will show instead.
  • You will use the negative keyword option to knock out keyword phrases that you see and realize will never convert for you.
  • You will start your campaign with all 3 types of keywords to ensure that Google shows you variations that you never would have thought of. If you start with exact match only, you will never discover some negative keywords that you should be adding nor other variations that were perhaps useful commercial phrases that you would not have thought of.
  • Initially, review the campaign once or twice every 2-3 days. As data starts to roll in, you will then review daily, start tightening the campaign keywords and focusing on A/B testing of ads for highest CTR every other day.

After running the campaign for 2-3 weeks, its time to move on to the next phase.

Buying PPC/PPV traffic for 3 cent clicks, dropping a google cookie on it then remarketing your ads to this group who has already shown interest. These clicks inside Google Adwords could be a fraction of the cost of the $84 CPC


Software Development – Guru Programming Team

The Guru Programming Team

The group has a rich history of programming going back 20+ years.

The team has done projects from Cobol, RPG on mainframes, Linux mini’s in the Caribbean to networked databases spanning 200+ locations in Saudi Arabia, special projects in Singapore, Philippines, China, Costa Rica, Thailand, UK and many other places.

Systems created in the past run the gauntlet from:

  • Hotel reservations front office
  • Telephone Directories
  • Auto dealerships ( Leasing & Accounting ) Front and Back office
  • Concrete Manufacturing software with full accounting
  • Casino Games with full credit card processing – dozens of licensees
  • Dating sites
  • Provincial Wide Patient Billing Systems ( Ontario )
  • Microsoft/Oracle database auditing tools

and more

Some former clients in the past include

  • Municipal City of Dubai
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Singapore Airlines


Current Programming Technology Competencies:

  • Very large databases ( 1 Billion Records )
  • System Integration of major affiliate systems
  • System Integration of differing types of systems
  • Seo optimized E-commerce enabled business systems
  • Email Marketing integration

Current Business Competencies

  • Business Efficiency Optimization
  • Marketing ( Online and Offline )
  • Display Ads
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Customer Retention

For more information, contact us at








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TV Shack
TV Shack

TVShack – Where is it now ?

An interesting phenomena has developed over the past two decades. We all love to watch Free TV. Ok that wasn’t news unless you live on a far moon of the planet Neptune.

Well, at least, I thought that organisms there wouldn’t know but a nerdy friend told me that we are saturating them with radio waves carrying time honored programs like …like, ok I’m not about to tell you what I watch, ok. I know you spend inordinate amounts of time on TV Shack but that doesn’t mean I have to tell you where and how I spend my own.

Five years ago, pundits ( whom their bosses actually call stock Analysts ) told us that TV was dead because the internet was taking over. And the raw reality is that people actually like talking and socializing far more than they like simply watching as evidenced by the growth of this weird exception to the social network rule – tv shack.


TVshack – More popular than even the BBC ? You’re kidding right ?

Which is why in hindsight, social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, Bebo,Hi5 and others shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone except the aliens on the far side of Neptune who are probably not getting friended, facebooked or choked by requests for farmville.So, it may come as a surprise to some that contrary to what I just wrote, there is a

tv shack

More People looking for tv shack than the BBC or whitehouse

significant group of people who think just the opposite. Yeah, you know who you are.

In fact, they are so significant that at many times last year this group of people watching free TV programs, movies etc at TV Shack were more than double the number of people at one of the most popular websites in the world – or the venerable american whitehouse which appears intent on closing down the and sites nearly as quickly as they reorganize and get themselves going.

TVshack popularity – show me the proof !

In the graph above, the constant orange line that looks like a heart beat is the venerable ever present representing the british broadcasting group who is literally still heard all over the world – most americans wouldn’t really know about this but for those in the commonwealth the BBC is legend, even if some of us dont like it.

TV Shack

TV shack web image

The bright yellow line represents annual interest in whatever happens in the whitehouse.

The rebel blue line that started in mid 2007 represents all of us TV shack afficionados who started visiting this site in huge numbers in 2008 and who are showing a significant addiction going into 2009 and 2010.

Our addiction for is in fact so strong that even though it is officially ( if temporarily ) shutdown, there are more of us looking for, and tv shack variants than there are god fearing citizens watching the ever present ever boring BBC. takes on myspace

If you look at the new graph below, you will see that in Nov you guys and gals out there looking for TV Shack and variations of the TV-shack keywords almost touched in traffic the massive traffic moving through

Don’t believe me ! Take a look below at the google trend chart.

TV shack

TV shack Phenomena. Go gals go … You know the Feds can’t stop yah, ha ha

Ok, enough about tv shack. The quintessential question at the moment is where is the content for tvshack now.

The US feds have put a big ugly looking graphic up on the site which essentially says that they have taken it over.

So, where is TVShack ?

Where will it show up next ?

Yeah, we think we know, but don’t think we are going to make it that easy for just anyone to find out.

tvshack - tv

TVShack oh where oh where are you ?

It was rumoured that TVShack had paired up with Jersylicious, but the truth is that we simply don’t know how much fact is in that rumour – and perhaps we should encourage you not to repeat that since TVshack is playing hide and go seek at the moment.

Its also heavily rumoured that a someone knows where your favorite tvshack is now hanging out but you have to sign up to get that information because its not just being given to just anyone you know.


So as the venerable Spock would say TvShack “Live Long and Prosper”.

And Totally unrelated but here is my favorite song for the month on youtube.


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  • How To Create a Sales Funnel 300% More Powerful
  • How to Get Paid 000's monthly for leads
  • 4 Sources of Free Online Traffic For Your Biz
  • 28 Page Booklet Bursting At the Seams

How To Make Super Affiliate Commissions

  • How To Create a Sales Funnel 300% More Powerful
  • How to earn $847.00 daily online
  • 4 Sources of Free Online Traffic For Your Biz
  • 52 Page Booklet With Simple Instructions

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How To Make Super Affiliate Commissions

  • How To Create a Sales Funnel 300% More Powerful
  • How to Get Paid 000's monthly for leads
  • 4 Sources of Free Online Traffic For Your Biz
  • 28 Page Booklet Bursting At the Seams