About Us – C++ Programming

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We have been coding since the beginning of dawn. Actually from about 3:am last night. Oh, that’s not what beginning of dawn means?

We started in electronics before microcontrollers were cool. Wait, it’s cool now, right? Ahhh, ok, wrong time zone. No worries, we’ll get it right in a few years time. Anyway, there was this thing called the 8080 Intel processor and some other stuff called 68000 Motorola something or the other. Neither of which anybody was willing to let us touch, but we somehow got along anyway.

Anyway, we didn’t program anybody’s microprocessor, those poor things were in massive machines that were busy printing government checks for people like your great grandpa. But we studied them before it was cool to hack them. Its cool to hack them now, right? Oops, still wrong time zone.

This about us page seems to be going wonderfully astray, t’aint it?

Any who, when all the cool critters moved from ICL systems to IBM 360 and PDP 11’s we hitched a ride too. What were those? Nevermind, everyone wanted to know that too. Anyway, we dropped more Hollerith card decks than we could count and it wasn’t long before us clumsy students were put on the night shift.

Yeah, anyway fast forward a couple wars and a broken time machine later, and we were squarely in a couple oil fields in the middle east where we were doing unofficial work with Microsoft Dubai and such.

Two more time machines, several casinos later, a building in New York fell and that changed everything.

We enjoy teaching and have done so quite literally all over the world. From Beijing to Moscow, Istanbul to South Korea, Manila and Central America.

What you can expect from us?

Apart from the C++, there will be Python, Html, CSS and react-native stuff coming up. Since we love microcontrollers so much, there may also be some Arduino coding of Quad copters and other cool gadgets.