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In an effort to categorize the many and varied internet marketing topics better, we have split the crown jewels into some very defined marketing segments which are : Please visit, have a look and comment.

# Real Niche Markets – where people make money
# Affiliate Marketing – tips, tricks, hints
# CPA Marketing – where affiliates graduate to after Clickbank
# Network Marketing – MLM and its entire multi-billion dollar range
# Pay Per Click Marketing – Google,yahoo and many more
# SEO – the natural way to get traffic without paying per click
# Social Network Marketing – new kid on the block Facebook now at 350M and growing

I would like to think of myself as an ordinary guy who is forced every 3 years to re-invent himself. Whether this painful process means progress of some sort to me or others is still up to the jury but its what I do …

However, the process of re-inventing one’s self over and over again means that one gets to do an incredible number of near unrelated things in life.

Affiliate Niche online. What does it take? Who can do it? Why are some successful and others are not?

One can be a high-school dropout then a university dropout, an operations specialist, a circuit board technician, a basketball player, insurance salesman, mutual fund advisor, programmer, analyst, electronics purchaser, asian fashion photographer, swim coach, lifeguard, pianist, graphic artist or a president of Nothing – all in one rich and varied lifetime – or two for some of you.
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I am not saying that I have done all or any of these things or even that these things represent a good sampling of what I have not done, but it does mean that this blog will have highly varied content even as I attempt to address the burning question – How does one sit at home and earn a strong living on the internet?

Ever heard of 60% CTR? or 2 Cent Keywords?

Confused about affiliate niche marketing? You are not alone. Check out the Affiliate marketing fundamentals here at the prestigious Wikipedia. But book mark this page first, so that you can get advanced niche marketing techniques here.
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Affiliate Marketing: Highway open to everyone

Niche Affiliate marketing is the technique where in, we attempt to find search terms with buying customers and very little competition. Since most of the competition tends to play in areas with large numbers of customers that run into the hundreds of thousands monthly,

Having difficulty finding Niche markets? Voted the best tool several months in a row

the very nature of the niche targeting business then tends to be highly specific areas with less than a thousand queries monthly and a few competitive offerings.