Niche Marketing Scam or Fortune ?

The Niche marketing – Scam or Not?

Fast growing amongst the popular terminologies being thrown around by online marketers is the term Niche Market or Niche Marketing in its various forms.

It would appear to be dominating their every conversation and for good reason. It is actually where the money …

Extreme Niche Marketing – Thinking outside the box

You can’t turn around in one of those heavily trafficked internet seminars where thousands meet to “find the cure” without running into half a dozen splinter groups discussing the merits/demerits ( but mostly merits ) of tightly focused Niche marketing.

So, for the newbies amongst us, what is niche marketing?

Perhaps its best explained by first discussing what it’s not.

The Car Auction. To bid or not. But is that even the Question?

Hey wanta hear something odd? I went to a car auction today. While walking past the auctioneer, he made this funny joke about wouldn’t wanna make the big guy angry at me or anything. My head spun around looking for the big guy that the auctioneer was discussing publicly on his mic. I blushed as…

Advertising on Google or Yahoo – Which is Better?

Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing which is better? The result may surprise you. Overture is Yahoo’s equivalent AD display and back end management system. In truth, Overture is now called Yahoo Search Marketing and originally was a search engine in of itself at one time. Some users may still remember it as Amongst…