Eben Pagan and Drivers

By Trevor Weir,

Here is a link to a very nicely done Video in which Eben Pagan gives an incredible amount of extraordinarily valuable information.


This one on youtube is good too, but the quality is not as strong as the link above.


Stop, take some time to read the hundreds of comments under the video from the first link above.

Incredible that someone can hit a topic with so much truth. This is reflected heavily in the comments below that video. Sorry, i don’t feel like borrowing it and putting it here. Do yourself a favor, Click and go see it.

If you want to build a small but focused team, hire overachievers or those people Eben calls Drivers.

Drivers are :

  • … people who can operate towards a goal fairly independently
  • … people who take responsibility for both good and bad decisions
  • … people who can equally lead and be lead
  • … people who are results oriented vs simply doing a job

I will just stop there… Click on the link see the videos

If you find yourself in a position where you are stuck with your marketing efforts. Put a note here. Perhaps other “Drivers” and Overachievers can lend you a hand…

Keep Driving, everyone