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This page is dedicated to providing free internet marketing tools that the affiliate marketer can use to get ahead.

Back links or one way links

What are these things? Who needs them or free internet marketing tools?

No man is an island. No where did this become more true than after Google started their Page Rank algorithms which in short checks to see how much of a lonely internet island your site truly is.

A new site may be given an island ranking of 0 until it gets a few back links that hang around for a while( no one knows how long Google’s “a while” is so don’t sweat this one ). Then after some time, Google says, Ok, you are credible, some people appear to like you ( and are continuing to like you “for a while”), so we will give you some credit for both time of friendship and for these people showing that they want to be your friend.

Assuming that you already have a website, the first thing that you need are back links that will give you both traffic and some link juice from the search engines.

Some people buy lease them and that’s risky business for too many reasons that I won’t get into here, and others work hard at “just” making it happen. As it is, most of us running a blog or website don’t have hours and hours to go blog commenting and even when we do the results are simply less than desirable.

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Why? Because most new installations of wordpress and other types of blogs have a tag beside each link and this tag says don’t follow to the search engines. Don’t follow means don’t spider beyond the link. In other words it’s an order to the search bots to NOT to spidercome over to your site.

No Follow tags continue to proliferate. May soon cause problem for Googles PR algorithm.

This is a trend which is increasing not decreasing. So, now you know why half the get rich schemes that online marketers used 5 years that depended on article marketing and blogging are so much harder to make work now. Those pesky little tags are everywhere. Many of these internet marketing schemes still work by the way – you just have to work a little more intelligently at it now.

So, that’s the problem. What’s a marketer to do?

The first and easiest thing to do is to find a bunch of directories that are a PR4 or greater and submit to them. They will take your submission, give you a link and you are expected to give them a nice near unique description of your website in about 125-300 words.

For sure these directories will NOT have the nofollow tag on them, so you are fairly safe. However to be truthful here, there value overall is decreasing so you must find a high PR directory and try to check to see if the category that your site belongs to in that directory has already been “spidered” and is in the google cache. No, i am not going to explain all of that now. Later.

Here are a couple of free PR4 to PR6 website directories.

This directory has a list of about 16 directories. Many of them claim to be PR4 to PR6 however, I have found that since the list was created, some may have been downgraded to PR4 and PR5.

If you have gone ahead and started in on the above, you will find that the process gets quite tiring. I have a program that I use that can semi-automate the process and do about 100 of these properly in about an hour.

Note, Google does not like totally automated programs because they end up putting the exact same information about your site in every directory. Yes, finally a duplicate content penalty — well not really but you can think of it that way.

One of 2 extremely valuable directories for any online marketer looking for traffic.

Nevertheless, they are still an excellent start for getting some good recognized directories to instantly recognize your site.

The two best directories in the world are almost free.

So, what do I mean by almost free. Dmoz is free but takes forever to register your site. This is a set it and forget option but do it. It’s a necessary sin ( lol )
The yahoo directory costs 299.00 unless you are creating a non-commercial blog – then its free.

As time goes by, I will put in more very valuable free affiliate marketing tips, programs and other things in this area.

Free Tools Here

  • Fast Blog Finder – Does exactly that. Quickly finds nofollow blogs based on keywords.
  • Fast Directory Submitter – Free version finds up to 150 directories. A $20 dollar upgrade gets you a whopping 2,500 directories

I have used both of the above products and my students have used them extensively so I can tell you a bit about them.

Fast find Blogger helps to find blogs without nofollow tags.
Try the free version of FastBlogFinder, it works and gives you a really strong feeling for what it can do. Most of my students used the fastblogging tool for weeks or even months before deciding they wanted to go to the Gold Edition.

Free tool for submitting unique content to hundreds of directories.
The FastDirectorySubmitter is an excellent product but ( always a but ), the free version gives you only 160+ directories and your domain theme is likely to be able to fit into only 120 of those. There are a few specialist directories such as Christian, Bowling Alley directories and city of Tahoma etc.

Of the 100-120 that your theme or site may be eligible for, it’s likely that you will be accepted within 30 days for at least 25-30 of those directories. Not bad for a few hours work.

I hear some of you saying, “But that’s still a great deal isn’t it?”

My response is absolutely. It’s wonderful, but… for 20 dollars more, you can get access to nearly a dozen PR6’s about 90-100 PR5’s and possibly about 150-200 PR4 directories.

These high Page ranked sites get scanned by Google and Yahoo quite frequently, sometimes 10 times or more daily. Your site, if listed in one of these would be recognized near instantly. If your time is valuable to you, then after writing your site descriptions and getting them submitted to the first 150+ directories, continue through with the 2500 3027+ plus package. I am telling you this right up front so you can do the right thing right from the beginning.

There are several reasons that i am hyper about this free submission tool. Firstly, no search engine likes to see duplicate directory submission content and this is exactly what most automatic submission tools do. . Ouch, that means this tool is junk right? No, the authors of the tool are aware of this and insist that you put in several, as in 5 or more, different descriptions of your site and your keywords into the tool.

In truth, they advise that you put in a dozen different descriptions and keywords that you wish to be found on, particularly if you are going to submit to 2000 directories or more.

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I like the fact that this key ( non duplicating feature ) element is in this tool because currently none of the other fast submit or free submit tools out there do this. The last thing you want is to be spamming your friends at Yahoo/Msn/Google with the same description of your website hundreds/thousands of times.

Ha ha, didn’t think of that did you?

This multiple description thingy takes a few minutes, but please, if you value your website, use this thoughtful tool and put in half a dozen or more different descriptions of your product(s).

If you decide to upgrade ( from within the product ) to the 2500 directory group, please put in 10 or more differing descriptions and keyword sets.

Yet more great places to get affiliate marketing free goodies and tools.