More Amazing places to get one way links from

As mentioned earlier – No man woman is an island and the same holds true for websites.

If you are one of the 98% who are having trouble attracting qualified traffic, it could be because there are either too few minor roads leading to your palace, or you have none at all.

Get some additional, beautifully paved new highways rolling to the front door of your online palace with some love from the following directories.

First look for the categories within the directories that best fits your website. When you find it, submit yourself site, give the search engines a keep days to see your entry and enjoy.

List of great places to expose your web site.

Always, always make sure that you are listed in and Yahoo’s directory. Dmoz editors in general are not known for being the fastest blokes on the block, but sometimes you get lucky and find an editor who really likes and appreciates their job. For example, there are regional sections in england dealing with costume jewellery in which the editor has done a remarkable job of listing new entrants to in a few weeks. However this is not the norm. Dmoz editors can take years to list an entry and still not get to it. I am speaking from experience. I have entries that are 4 years and still haven’t made it in yet.

Yahoo directory is 299 for commercial sites, but they will allow a blog in under the humanities section for free and some sites with strong links back to authority level sites have mysteriously found themselves in the yahoo directory without owner intervention, ha ha.

Done all this already and still not getting any link love or traffic?

Guess its time to go where the traffic is. Hit the forums, meeting places like facebook, Technorati, Digg and Squidoo.