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The other day, my mom shocked me. She heard the girls talking about internet marketing and asked me what a niche market was, and since she is not an online marketer ( doesn’t turn the computer on regularly enough to even use email ), this question appeared quite out of the blue.

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Perhaps I should not have been surprised because in the area of marketing but particularly affiliate internet marketing, this term is showing up more and more frequently. In truth, one of those late night, “Be the next internet Millionaire” scams that airs at 4 am for those with insomnia, also trumpets this term as something every internet marketing guru online must know.

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And for the rest of us – What is Niche Marketing ? And why is it so popular?

So how can we attempt to define this ?

  • It’s the current fad, but it’s not
  • It’s not going to be a good Xmas present – so don’t look for it under a tree
  • It’s not going to make anything bigger, longer or … ( u get the point )
  • And it’s not likely to be a new job opening anywhere soon

So Let’s Look at An Example

Some would say that the definition of Niche marketing within the internet marketing sphere is the act of narrowing down a broader consumer need in the market place until one derives at a much more focused segment that has little or no competition. Or a much smaller number of competitors.

Sort of like, instead of being a small fish lost in an ocean, let’s be a noticeable fish in a small pond

So an example might be …

Marketing to those that

  • Buy running shoes. Niche or not? Not
  • Buy Nike running shoes. Niche or not? Not (What, did that surprise you?)
  • Buy marathon capable Nike runners. Niche or not? Uhmm you’re getting warmer.
  • Buy high arched marathon capable Nike runners. Niche or not? Yes absolutely!

This last example sounds like an internet marketing niche for sure. It has a narrow focus and we have eliminated several wider approaches to our target audience. So, should we run out and stock up on these specialty running shoes in anticipation of the upcoming demand?

Should you affiliate this product ?

If you want to lose your shirt go ahead! That was a joke, don’t do it. Please don’t think I slipped and just told you about my huge money maker and have now decided to take it back. Further from the truth we could not be. We have an unproven premise here.

This spur of the moment questionnaire is not the process used to find a niche market product or service. You really need a tool for that. It can be done manually but searching hundreds of ideas manually isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. That was merely an example of what a niche market might look like, but for any number of reasons, I would never enter that marketplace – and I don’t much care if 4 of my marathon running friends ask me for those specific shoes next week.

Was that an inaccurate Niche Market example ?

It wasn’t necessarily a poor example, but the truth is – far more research is required. To start off with, are those really the keywords that people use to search for this product? In the past, only search engine statistics could tell us that. Then there were great search engine tools that could help further filter that information. But to help determine whether its a great Niche product, even search engine tools like KeyWordwatcher can only go so far.

So, what kind of additional internet marketing information does one need beyond how much competition is there and how many possible clients are searching for the product? This isn’t even the base of the 20 or more variables that a strong Niche software tool can hand a newbie in under a half a minute.

Save yourself some time. Don’t try to manually analyze whether or not you think you may have found a niche market product. If you have been in internet marketing or online marketing for some time, its likely that you have used Google’s excellent search engine tools hidden in the adwords product. Perhaps even you have used the key word tool from freeKeyWordwatcher. That’s how I and many others in online affiliate marketing use to start our search for Niche Market Products – but not any more. These battle tested tools are not nearly efficient enough on their own for this area of internet marketing.

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Competitive Niche tool products go significantly further than just how many potential clients are searching and whether the competition has the keyword on their site. They use algorithms that use several additional variables for ranking competition.

At one time, we use to look at the competition on google and say oh my gosh there are 200,000 other sites other there with the keyword, lets not try to compete. But truthfully, sometimes only the first 30-40 websites had competitively put the keyword in their title or domain name or other keyplaces. So, a lot of us had simply left an awful lot of money on the affiliate marketing table for others to pick up.

But not any more. This tool can aid even a novice in being able to make a very competitive decision

Why anyone would want to search for niche products the old manual way is really beyond me. Save yourself some time have a look at a few potential products that you can use. Or watch this extraordinarily practical demo of the micro niche product as James mixes it in with Squidoo.

The best Niche Tools on the market today can even open affiliate sites like clickbank and others with a related product already found and ready for you to use. This is but just one of the many features that work together to increase a newbie or novices ability to complete the task with serious efficiency.

Additionally, some of the niche product tools used in affiliate internet marketing can also find articles from Private Label Sources for article publishing. They can find non-click bank related products. Some can open Ebay and Amazon right there in the search for whether people actually buy in this niche area. And this is less than a 1/10th of their abilities.

About the Author:

Trevor Weir has been happily involved in Internet Affiliate Marketing for a number of years. Check out his site for free goodies and applications that you can use to promote your own site. If you are engaged in pay per click advertising or clickbank or cj affiliate groups here is a must watch video on why your Google pay per click systems have stopped making you money.

If your direct interest instead is pursuing more micro niche opportunities click here to watch more videos outlining exactly how it works

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