Janitor reluctantly wins regional weight lifting title – Again!

by Trevor ze affiliate marketer

As unlikely unbelievable as this may sound, this really did happen, I was there.

Runway Photographers lay in wait.

Several years ago, I traded some time and talent as a professional camera man for a Golds Gym membership that I would have had trouble affording otherwise, particularly because the membership ran into many thousands annually. This particular Gold’s gym had as many Corporate CEO’s, Vice presidents, Congress members, Internet Marketers, Diva’s and paparazzi as it had real weight lifting members.

Yeah ok, just kidding. There weren’t any visible online marketers there.

In truth, sometimes we thought there were more Posers and high end Divas than there were of us plain regular people.

Brian Tracy from iGlobalLearning
It was here that I met a massive gentleman whom, similar to myself, was working there in order to get the opportunity to be near this fabulous gym, its new equipment and the fantastic talent that was there all the time.

The reticent quiet individual had, up until that time, not only won dozens of body building awards but was continuing to win consistently.

Never worked out …

Nothing too surprising there, except the other gym patrons swore that he never worked out. Some speculated that he worked out at another gym, others said that if they were moving weights around all day they would be winning too — but truth is, the rest of us were moving weights around all day and we were certainly not winning anything.

It seemed that the more he DIDN’T work out was the more he won. I shouldn’t say it was natural for the talk to move in this direction, but human nature being what it is, it wasn’t long before people ( mostly guys ) had had it up to their ears with this janitor who was continuing to win body building awards without working out. The talk about illegal drugs and this guy’s name were starting to make the rounds. It took more than a month before I actually found him in a position that looked like he had just been lifting weights.

Finally – the discovery

I was elated at what I thought was going to be a remarkable discovery news scoop. Basically I thought this would be defining “from the horses mouth” news that I could use to finally refute the rumors, so without reserve I asked him directly for his secret.

The secret revealed — not…

“You are winning regional contests but rarely ever work out”, I tentatively began.

I got a weird look from him and he asked why I most mistakenly thought that he never worked out. I kind of stuttered and said that his lack of any visible workout routine were fueling rumours around the gym about steroid and drug use. Without blinking an eyelid, he coolly said, “Drugs don’t build muscle and at best a very few drugs might enhance the duration of the workout.”

So, I waited patiently for him to tell me his story, but he just turned and went to pick up another stray weight on the rubber floor. It took me another month before I could corner him again on the topic.

The secret – at last…

On this occasion, he wasn’t simply finishing a set, he was in the middle of a strenuous one armed preacher curl. Gathering my lagging courage, i approached him and waited. When he had finished his set, in an odd kind of time bending way he continued the conversation of a month before without even saying hello.

This time I pestered him to tell me his secret. I even intimated that he waited until we had all left the gym before training hard just like the rest of us. Again, he laughed gently and this time in a deep baritone he said “Ok, I will tell you”

The story he told me at that time, was simplicity itself. He revealed that his training was based on knowing exactly what his heart rate was while he was at rest and using that as a marker for his interval spaced training. So while others concentrated on working different body parts on different days or alternate days that his was based on this one major difference. I stood there a little shell shocked and waited for more.

Quietly, he then revealed that the difference was in the workout interval.

He works out, monitors his heart rate and never works out again until his heart rate is back at “rest mode”. If that takes 2 days or 3 or 4 he doesn’t care. He simply waits. When his heart rate is back at “rest”, he intensely works out a different muscle set. So, astonishingly, unlike other strength builders who may be working an alternate muscle set in the gym daily, he might work out once every 4 or even 5 days or more.

And he is still winning…

At the time I left that beautiful part of Asia, this reluctant weightlifter was continuing to win Asian regional awards in a fairly consistent manner. He was placing in the top 3-5 nationally and outright winning many regional events that he entered.

If you are not a body builder and haven’t left a few gallons of sweat in a local gym already this story is probably a total non-event. The “No pain no gain” mantra might have been one of those cutesy phrases that you have merely heard.

And the real point of this …

The real point being made here is so many of us who exercise and have been doing so for years can become so **tunnel vision** sure that we absolutely know the right way to do a particular thing. So, despite not getting optimal results, we have no plans to change what we are doing. In fact, we are so sure of ourselves and our traditional plans that we even teach others this thing that we are so sure of. I see coaches do this at the swimming pool, senior executives do this in the office and other sales & marketing consultants on site teach those traditional **things** to clients who have specifically indicated that they are looking for out of the box thinking.

Are you one of those people who is yearning for change but planning to fail due to tunnel vision ?

We have to keep our ears and minds open to new ways of accomplishing goals not being met.

Time in the online world moves at a fantastic speed.

This gives online investigators the ability to see and track a successful event happening in near real time that might take months or years to see offline.

The decline of Vista and rise of Apple was evident online many months before newspapers started to trickle this news.

Would it be kind of us to assume that perhaps that change that you are looking forward to, simply isn’t going to happen while you are continuing to do more “of the same” ?

If you are Niche marketing online, before you go on to buy all of those new promotional packages that vow to make you rich in a month, have you stopped and checked to see that you have truly covered all of the easy steps that lead to traffic generation, already?

For example, in our quest for more online niche affiliate traffic sometimes its easy to simply buy one of those promotions that promise that we are going to make thousands of dollars next week ?

If your marketplace has a million searches monthly, more than 800,000 will come from Google and Yahoo. They both want to see that your site is well connected before they send you substantial traffic. Most sites, even after several years, don’t generally have more than about a dozen other sites linking back to them. I hope that’s not your site!

So, here are a few great online marketing ideas some of them perhaps even “out of the box”. Have you …

  • Submitted your cool new affiliate site to a few thousand directories using differing descriptions?
  • Submitted to Yahoo directory and dmoz.org ?
  • Done a bit of blog commenting so that your site is not an island?
  • Done a bit of forum work, with your site(s) in your signature?
  • Joined any groups that would allow you non-reciprocal linking privileges?
  • Put any linkbait out there that would give others a reason to link back to you?
  • Contacted any or some of your customers, asking them if you could write an article for them – with a resource link back to your site?
  • Published a few hundred unique articles lately with your resource link that ended up on a few thousand other websites?

Each of the tasks above can be done in a few hours and their results can sometimes last for years.

Each of the links above, points to a optimized product, most times free, that can help you view old tasks in a new light.

Still confused? Would you like to go back to basics. There is a great article on wikipedia on affiliate marketing. Click here.