Google Webmaster Tool – Gift From Zeus

But First a little Google Bashing – Google Webmaster tool

A lot of us google watchers, I have to tell you, simply love to bash Google. Being the ninety foot elephant, its sometimes hard to see around or thru the giant so perhaps its simply easier to just examine it closely, find a flaw and broadcast loudly and clearly for all to hear.

And there are a lot of flaws too. My pet peeve being that Google Analytics and hence the stats used by Adwords and Adsense are grossly different from my apache logs.

When Google claims I have had 2-300 unique visitors for the day, my 6 wordpress blog counters report shows an aggregate of 9-1,000 uniques and my AwStats reports which pull directly from my very accurate apache logs end up reporting up to 3,000 uniques – not returning visitors or bots.

How, pray tell, does one then reconcile google’s reported 300+ unique visitors to my much more accurate AwStats report of nearly 3,000 ?
No, its not bots or spammers, those are actually reported separately by AwStats.
You know, something just ain’t right about that. And this happens every day. That’s not a one time anomaly.