How to set up a Speedy Server for Your Site – Part 1

Many ISP’s give your server only 10Mb/sec instead the full 1Gbps. Is your server sitting on 1/100th of the speed that it should?

Perhaps, you are tired of the slow shared services now being offered by many of the larger groups like Godaddy, NetworkSolutions and others.

It’s possible that you weren’t aware that when you paid a mere $6/month for your web hosting, that there was a strong possibility that 200 other sites were going to share the same virtual server.

And that virtual server may be one of 10 on one physical server, which means that its quite possible for 2,000 sites to be sharing one physical server. Which ISP could resist making $12,000 per month from a physical server that is truly only costing about $100/monthly for your ISP to setup. While its true that this super machine may have 64Gig of ram and 32 processors, none of that matters when its your site appears that appears to be slow.

How do you know its slow? Well, one you get there it takes a long time to load right?

Ahhh, no.

Sorry, that could be your specific connection. ha ha.  Almost everyone knows about, right?

Can’t we use speedtest to check?

No, because that tests your connection to a specific point is NOT your website.

What is really needed is a 3rd party program like or which can measure your site from certain points on the globe. Hopefully one of those points will be close to where most of your customers visit your site.

See here, despite a very poorly optimized page with nearly 2Mg of images/text, it still came up in less than 1.3 seconds.

This page which has obvious problems with large un-optimised images is actually on a very high speed network.

At 1.2seconds, Google would probably tell me that its faster than 95% of the sites on the net.

The answer is to move to your own virtual server on a high-speed network.

What are your choices for getting the fastest possible hosting for cheap?