How to Set Up a Speedy Server for Your Website Part – 2

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What super fast hosting services are available?

You can get these kinds of super fast hosting services from DigitalOcean, Amazon cloud services, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Google services and a few others, but these are the big boys.

My favorite is DigitalOcean because the smallest servers there start at just $5/monthly and your server is on a 1Gbps connection to the internet.

Amazon AWS

To be objective, i should also add that Amazon had and probably still has a 10Gig of file space type server that was and probably still is free, but unless you were a real technophobe, it was and still is a bit difficult to set up and you will definitely end up going over the free allotment given time.

And if you don’t, don’t worry, Amazon will start charging after a specified period of time anyway.

There is a reason that Amazon Cloud services makes so much money and why Microsoft stock has recently hit a new high at $60 despite a massive year on year decline in their phone business. The answer is quite simply cloud services in which they offer virtual servers inexpensively and use great marketing to make you pay more over time.

If you use Amazon services, if you ever find the area where you can pick a server from the plethora of options available, you get to pick from one of the server images that might have most of what you need, but DigitalOcean makes this whole process so much easier.

Google Cloud Services

Google also has a very sweet deal. They are giving you 60 days ($300) free. So if you are a fly by night company that’s plenty of server time to get up, make your fortune then go hang out in Google’s Bermudan domicile. So, why am I not showing you the Google services?

Subjectively, I am going to say that similar to Amazon, Google simply has too many of them. At the moment, 2015 to late 2016, its actually quite difficult to find the exact area within google’s servicing area that you need to go to. So for example, similar to Amazon with its many offerings of database, file storage, messaging services, Google’s interfaces also attempt to cater to many exotic type services that only programmers would be interested in. And to confuse the issue even more, Google cookies you and changes the same url content depending on whether they have seen you there once before. This makes it very difficult to revisit a piece of information that you want to verify or check.

Google does in fact offer a specific website  hosting service here and this is where you would need to go in order to stay away from all the other complex stuff.

Google’s page may or may not look like this when you first get there. If you understand the plethora of options being offered, then maybe this solution is for you.

You are getting an extremely fast internet service – one guaranteed to put some of the traditional online hosting providers to shame.

The cost, the cost. Why am I not putting the Google cost in here. Their 60 day $300 package was enough to lure me into totally ignoring the cost which initially, I couldn’t quite figure out. I first grabbed their filestorage services which are phenomenally cheap. They were cheap for a reason. It was a bit slow.

Then i figured out that they have two storage services, one is documented to be a bit slower ( mostly used for backups ) and the other is a bit more expensive but has very, very good realtime speed. The cost was about 3 cents per Gig moved and at $300 credit, I simply felt that this was not something I had to worry about.

I then discovered 4 weeks later, that they had wordpress hosting services too.

I tried them out and ran into Bitnami’s version of the wordpress multi-site blog and we did not get along well together at all.

I am sure it was my error, but when I contrasted my recovery from the problem to my recovery on a platform like DigitalOcean, i thought screw this, its not only taking too long but massive Google wouldn’t talk to me unless it was about billing.