How To do HTML Lesson 1

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Quickly learning html and doing so for free is often the goal of those who are beginning in this area. But before you start coding, you really want to ask yourself if this is truly necessary.

In most cases, the answer is no, not really. If your aim is to put up a blog for free and very quickly, your other options include just putting up a quick blog at

Yes, their intermingled ads will try really hard to convince you that it’s not free, but trust us, as of 2020 March, it was still free even though the paid options are far easier to find.

If you don’t mind paying a bit of money monthly, then you might think of one of the following.

  • Wix – pretty good wordpress substitute – not free, monthly charge
  • Duda – another great wordpress substitute – may have try before renting
  • Amazon’s Lightspeed – WordPress with speed – $3.95 monthly
  • There are more alternatives but note that most have something to do with using wordpress, typepress or another blogging type platform that will not require coding skills

So Ensure that you are learning HTML for the Right Reasons

Reasons having nothing to do with putting up a blog or site quickly because there are better alternatives that include a database, tens of thousands of free plugins with amazing functionality – such as wordpress and other blogging platforms.

These reasons should have more to do with wanting pinpoint control because you wish to be a web designer, one of those girls or guys that creates the templates for the rest of the world to use or one of those people loves to both code and mix in with the layout of elements on a web page.

  • Reasons to want to learn HTML coding
  • You want to become a web designer
  • You love the artistic design elements associated with Cascading Style Sheets
  • There is a job that you are going for that requires this skill
  • Arcane tight control of your web environment is fundamental to your reason for being

Since we promised html – here is your whack for the day

<head><Title>My First HTML Code</title></head>
<body>This is what the user sees</body>

Pairs of tags <html> </html>

Pairs of html based tags is the fundamental basis of writing html code. There is a notable exception or 2 to this but for the most part it will be pairs of opening and closing tags with something in between that may need formatting — and that is the basis of the job.

<p>A beginning and closing paragraph tag</p>
<a href="http://google/com">Find out more at this link</a>

Where does one write html?

This is a good question.

There are a few online editors, but serious designers use a downloadable full fledged product like one of the following

  • Microsoft’s Visual Code Editor but it’s a download, heavy and some consider it clunky
  • Sublime Text – can use for free but it will remind you that a contribution is a nice thing
  • BBedit, Textwrangler
  • Very workable online html code editor here – Bookmark it please

Our Personal suggestion

Use the online code editor as a quicky’ type solution but download sublime text too. Why? Because there is some coding magic that we will be teaching in some of the next few lessons. This coding magic is related to speed coding at immense speed. The coding magic will work with most main stream coding editors like Visual Code or Sublime text but it won’t work with the online quicky version that we are recommending that you use to learn the basics.