HTML Headings

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<h3>A Level 3 Head</h3>

HTML Headings are a dime a dozen. No really they are. They are literally everywhere. That doesn’t mean that they are good headings it just means that they are frequently used as subtopics and to break things up to make them easier to read.

There are generally about 4-6 Head tags used and rarely do most commercial sites go beyond 4. They all have the same format.

  • &lth1&gt
  • &lth2&gt
  • &lth3&gt
  • &lth4&gt
  • &lth5&gt

h1 is usually the largest font size and generally thought to be the most important. Each page on your site should generally have at least an h1 and h2. If it’s possible an h3 would also help.

Together, they help the user see the organization of the page and they greatly aid Google in understanding your usage and understanding of semantics — which is all good for seo.

HTML Headings - Image showing what the source code for headings look like. All the way from h1 to h5 headings.

Preview Window of the same Head Tags

More HTML Headings but this time in preview mode so the user can see what those many headings look like directly in the browser as a rendered html page.

HTML Headings – HomeWork for the Day

Write a similar but better story in html code with declining H1 to H5 font sizes.

Does this code work? Test it and let us know

<h2 title=”We all know this simply is not true. Alas, it was a really skinny pig.”>A moderately fat pig jumped over the blue fence on the farm with relative ease</h2>

The much accredited w3c people have a fine section on html headings right here

html headings - w3c image showing how headings can be nested. Most of us have never seen a valid html document with multiple <h1> headings, so this is a treat.

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