Incredible HTML Seo Tutorial – 7 Points

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7 Things about a page’s html constructs that can affect the page’s html seo

Html Seo Tips – Number 1 – Ze Title

Without a title tag, the page is not optimized for anything. Is it possible to write html and leave out the title tags? Of course, it is. Some 20 million coders have discovered this already! Ok, we made up that number, the number of html pages in the Google index without titles is actually much, much higher than this.

     <title></title> <!-- Missing title somehow -->
      <p>All browsers will show this page. It looks proper to the 
         human eye</p>

Can Google, Bing, Yandex and Alexa also see this page?

Of course they can, but why should they? It’s too much work ( cpu cycles ) for them to attempt to discover what on this page should cause it to show up in search result listings. In other words, the amount of effort required to determine the pages html seo ranking relative to other pages may be deemed to be too high for the hidden page rank allotted to the site.

So, the short answer is, they may spider the page but it probably won’t ever show in the search listing for anything. So, an awful waste of time unless you are a 3 letter highly secretive department that dabbles in social media but that doesn’t want anything to show up by accident in anybody’s search listing.

So the HTML Title Tag is the most important factor for search engine listings

Hint: You have only 60 useful characters to use in your title. Try not to waste any of it by showing your site name, yet again.

    <title>5 ways to peel a banana without touching it</title>
      <p>All browsers will show this page. It looks proper to the 
         human eye</p>

2. HTML SEO – Next most important. Metatag Description

You have 160 characters to entice a user to click on your listing when it shows up in the search results. The Metatag Description does not show up in the browser because it is inside the <head> tags not the <body> tags but never the less, if you miss this important step, Google may kindly decide to put in a Metatag description for you if your site shows up in the search listings, but their version of the description of your page may not be what you were expecting, even if they are using your own words on the page to describe the page.

html seo tutorial with an image link back to The image describes keyword research and the metatag description importance.

In other words, it’s generally possible to write a much better meta tag description than the one that Google’s AI might decide to write for you.

How is this possible? If you use numerics or numbers in your description, studies have shown that the CTR or click thru rate can be up to 36% higher. Furthermore, it’s unlikely that Google will put a call to action in the 160 character limit.

HTML SEO – what does a CTA ( Call to action ) look like?

  • Click here for Easter Weekend’s best specials
  • Click here to talk with Jane our car specialist
  • Have a quick 2 minute look at this weekend’s great specials
  • Not going to browse away from here without clicking are you?

5 ways to peel a banana without touching it

All browsers will show this page. It looks proper to the human eye

    <title>7 ways to absolutely nail your on page seo</title>
     <meta name="description" content="7 things that an html coder 
        should know about how their usage of html affects a 
           page's search engine optimization. Click here now." />
      <p>All browsers will show this part of the page. It looks proper 
         to the human eye

3. H1 Header and your chosen Focus Keyword(s)

Your focus keywords ( the phrase that you want your page to be found for ) should be in your title, metatag description and between your opening and closing h1 tags.

<h1> My focus keyword(s) need to be here</h1>

This isn’t set in stone but its good practice

4. That same focus keyword phrase or a variation of it, should show up in the early portion of the first paragraph for higher html seo scores.

Most seo tools will tell you or indicate strongly that this keyword phrase should match the focus keyword that you are looking for.

However, if you stop to think about it, you would realize that you are going to end up with massive duplication of the 3-5 words all for the sake of seo. Don’t do it. Don’t ever make your text look all weird just because someone said its for seo. Please focus on making things look natural. Google isn’t stupid, it can see when there is an attempt to fool it. You and your page don’t get points for getting caught trying to fool Google.

html seo tutorials. Focus keyword not showing up in the first paragraph. There are tools that can alert you to this.

So, if you think there is a need to repeat the keyword phrase, look for a similar phrase that means the same thing and use that instead.

The same thing goes for attempting to get 3% or higher in the keyword density tests that some of the seo tools will try to put you through. If you read your page and it feels like mentioning the phrase 17 times was 13 times too many, then go with that gut feeling. Look to replace some of those phrases with words that convey the same meaning.

5. The chosen keyword phrase should show up a minimum of 3-5 more times on the page

At 600 words per page, some would say that this is pretty low keyword density but if they keyword phrase is already in the h1, h2 and an h3 tag in addition to showing up 3-5 more times on the page, you are good to go.

Don’t ever over do a good thing in favor of what you think is going to fool Google.

Make your text read naturally and take time to hunt for synonyms. In this way, you may have put as many as 12-15 variations of your keyword phrase on this 600 word page, and that usage will not feel or look contrived just to get a better html seo score.

6. Bonus seo tutorial hint – and an important one

For your page, ensure that you link back to your own page from several other pages and put the focus keywords for this page into the anchor text of those other links which are linking back to it.

Perhaps this tip is important enough that it should really have been number 2 or 3 on the list.

In the past, a few thousand motivated people made a certain US Govt White House page rank for the terms stupidest man or stupidest president by simply linking en mass back to that page. Obviously, the page itself did not contain any such keyword or phrase, so the power of linking alone was able to work wonders on the Google search engine.

7. Vary the anchor text used in backlinking

A natural looking backlinking profile is never going to use the same 3-5 or 3-6 words in the anchor text over and over again. That looks contrived and probably is. Over optimization is likely to negate a great html seo score.

Some of the backlinking anchor text for a hairdressers might say

  • Click here
  • Best hair dressing salon
  • Ask for the monthly hairdressing special
  • For hair styles best promotions click here
  • Wash, Shampoo, Styling – click here
  • Always have empty chairs, best hairdresser click here
  • We do washes and cuts – special Friday click here

So, a backlink profile that included 32% of one, 22% of two, 13% of 3 etc would look pretty natural.

A profile in which 98% of the backlinks say – “Best hairdresser” looks contrived.

8. Your PermaLink or url. Does it include your keyword?

The jury is out as to how effective this really is. It was very, very effective at one time, but has lost a bit or a lot of prominence as AI is used more often by the search engines.

If you can put the primary focus keywords into the url ( usually because you are building a new document ), I would encourage you to do so. Different search engines may give a varying amount of good points for this because it does, after all, indicate strongly what the page content should be about.

But if you can’t change the url, primarily because it has been around for a while and has backlinks to it ( in which case, don’t even try ) then leave it be. Whatever the url of the page is, just leave it as it is and focus on having the best content ever instead of twigging with the html seo.

9. Social Media — It really helps your html seo if people are talking about your page

An, unoptimized page that everyone is talking about on social media, can outrank a perfectly optimized page that no one knows is there. This is not the norm but probably happens more frequently than most of us know.

A college class can get excited about a page and hit it hard on instagram, twitter, facebook and linkedin and what do you know — bingo, the page shows up in search engine listings especially if the page owner used a title tag that matches the links that class used to backlink to the page.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media.

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