Is Your Business Secure. Dyn under attack right now

Is your Business Secured?

You may have heard that Twitter, Paypal, Amazon and others came in for massive slow-downs today because someone was attacking which handled their DNS.

DNS provider is currently under heavy DDoS attack which has affected many well known brands across the Internet including Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, Paypal and many others. 
This may affect your site if you use them for DNS or if you use any service, like Paypal, that uses DynDNS. 
The larger providers seem to have worked quite quickly to mitigate this attack, but it is ongoing so it’s important that you’re aware of it and carefully monitor your website during this time. 

I spent 2 hours reviewing this and reading thru hundreds of technical comments from intelligent people who claimed to be in the know.

Amongst the theories propagated was that it was a country or state sponsored attack from Russia or China. Other’s pointed out however that the origination of the attack appeared to be in the States.

Others countered that perhaps NSA or other in the US Govt were possibly testing. And others pointed out the fallacy of such testing. In short the discussions went on and on and were sometimes a bit circular.

One thing hit me because 3 people mentioned it but were ignored by the others. That thing was, forget who is attacking for a moment and concentrate on what you as a business owner would do if your internet became severely compromised? Would life suddenly ground to a halt and stop?

What would we do if the internet went down for a week. Some technicians said, “Grow some vegetables”

This reminds me of an early time I had monthly company expenses of $78,000 across 3 countries and I was the only sales person.

I made that $78,000+ month after month from my trusty physical roladex which had every customer/supplier name/number on it.

When I didn’t know what I should be doing with myself ( I was inherently inefficient back then ), my fingers used to idly twirl that circular rolodex and wherever it stopped, thats where I started.

I looked at the card and if it was a supplier and I hadn’t spoken to them in a few weeks, I would call them to see if I could get them to tell me the state of the industry and whether there was some business that they knew about that I might be qualified for.

If it were a customer and i hadn’t called them this week, I would call for no apparent reason.

I would make something up on the fly if they answered the phone which prompted me to start putting in their birthdates and other personal information on their rolodex card.
I wasn’t too worried about what to say because experience taught me that 80% were either busy or wouldn’t answer the phone anyway.

My business was the internet but if the internet went down ( or simply became unresponsive) , it would not have affected me unless it stayed down for a month or more.

What would you do?

Do you even maintain a paper rolodex anymore?
Have a wonderful day