Make Money Online

Make Money Online

This isn’t going to be an article about how to make money online. I think my website has hundreds of those types of articles on it already. So if you’re aim here is that you really want the truth about how this is done, check out the last paragraph on this page. Yes, that’s right, I whole heartedly give you permission to skip the entire story and just get to the making money online part.

Make Money Online

But to be fair, you would be missing the best parts because this article is totally NOT about the make money online genre.It’s primarily about a young man named Gauher Chaudry and his two day closed room presentation at the Holiday Inn airport hotel in Toronto, two weeks ago.The topic was not make money online, but it should have been. The actual topic was about optimization of the sales funnel used in either Cost Per Action or Direct Sales online.Prior to attending the two day seminar, I would have considered myself an expert on the sales funnel optimization process simply because I have helped a number of companies to bring their cost of customer acquisition down from amounts of over a hundred dollars to more reasonably amounts like 28-35 dollars.

How to Shake the money Tree – Make Money Online was one such company. In a rare move, I was even able to get clients for a limousine company, enchantedlimo at the pretty ridiculously cheap price of 2.13 per lead from Google itself ( who if you are in the business of buying direct traffic from Google, tends to be quite expensive ) However, after Gauher, got into the nitty gritty of the seminar it became obvious that my knowledge while foundationally sound, was only 85% of the big picture. And if there is anything that I have learned about this make money online business is that 85 or even 90% doesn’t cut it in competitive areas.

Offline success not always translating online – Make Money Online

I have friends who are making a killing ( 5-6 million pounds annually ) selling a particular widget, but every time they attempt to take that same set of well known widgets into the online format they get to the 85th percentile and due to internal issues simply are unable to get to the 95th percentile where one is firmly in the money. So, it was with quite some interest that I listened as Gauher first went over the well known calculations that almost all make money online marketers understand. These calculations – for the uninitiated – are

  • Traffic divided by Signup numbers = pre-Conversion rate
  • Pre-Conversion numbers divided by Double optin Rate = Lead Generation Numbers
  • Lead Generation Numbers given 100 messages across a 365 day span should convert to 1-3 USD per email value.

So, there is nothing too new to the make money online crowd in that formula. In fact, if I used acrynyms familiar to this genre such as CTR, EPM, CPM etc. the formula could be described far more succinctly. So, as I said, nothing too new in this at all.

Traffic Formula – Make Money Online

The reality of the aforementioned situation is that you spend approximately $100 for lets say 10 cent traffic and get 1000 people to your front door. Perhaps 10% of them convert to your

Making Money From Home

email list and you lose another 2% to the double optin mechanism. So, now you have a $100 spend and 8% of the 1000 visitors actually get on your email list. You now have 80 people to market to and you hope that sometime in the next year several of them will find your products or affiliate products interesting enough to make you back the $100 that you just spent on them. But if you are an online marketer using google adwords, you know that whats wrong with what I just wrote above is that you are NOT typically going to get 10 cent traffic from Google in the make money online area. The clicks from Google for this market segment are typically 1-9 dollars, not 10 cents. Even though Yahoo advertising ( now Bing ) is cheaper than Google, you will still not typically get 10 cent traffic clicks from any of these 3 search engine giants. But those of us at Gauher’s seminar in the make money online genre or who have taken Gauher’s pay per click or pay per view courses in the past, do know how to get qualified  3-5 cent clicks, so you should have been there. It wouldn’t be fair for people to spend $2-3000 flying in from all over the world to learn all that and have me spill the beans for absolutely nothing in a public blog.

Shock us Twice Over – Make Money Online

It was what Gauher said next that had even experienced big name online marketers in the crowd sitting up straight and paying significant attention. Gauher said, “What if I could show you all how to actually make money while building your list?

Yes, Gauher said, while building the list, not waiting for several weeks or months afterwards as many of us had been doing. In truth, since I was looking elsewhere at the time this was said, the full import of it was somewhat lost on my poor brain for a few minutes.

The power of the autoresponder – make money online

Gauher, then pointed to Jonathon Von Clute, author of LPGEN2, and asked him to verify if he hadn’t in fact done something similar quite recently. Jonathon took the physical mic and took a few minutes to explain to many of us in the make money online niche, as to how he had done that. In Jonathon’s example, it appeared as if he was actually making more immediate money building the list than he was in paying for the traffic for that created the list.

That’s quite a sweet position to be in since it means that if you can get paid weekly for sales generated on 30% margins you can turn over the initial funds almost 5 times in a month.

Just to be sure that you understand this – Turning over a $1,000 traffic investment at 130% each week for 4 weeks gives you 1000*1.3*1.3*1.3*1.3 or a very healthy $2856 the first month and by month 3, the number is not far from 18,000. Lots of people in our little meeting were turning over more than triple this 18,000 on a monthly basis in the make money online genre.

Between Gauher and Jonathon, they went on to describe a truly virtuous circle where immediate cash to fuel further traffic acquisitions could be recycled. I was there with Craig, ceo of jungle-media. Craig had flown in from england and was enjoying a bit of very nippy Toronto weather, but even his eyes went quite round as Gauher began to explain the tools necessary and the business math behind the madness in this make money online niche.

Universal applicability – Make Money Online

Many of the concepts explained could have been applied to about 90% of the businesses online. A few of them bordered on being either gray hat or something that ninnies would consider to be slightly intrusive, but the results speak for themselves. Long time marketers in the make money online genre have to their intense surprise driven their sales up to 300% higher by using just one of the major technologies explained by Gauher at the seminar.

Several additional concepts were explained in detail and as a hint I can tell you that several of them involved exactly what one did or how one handled the first sets of messages in the autoresponder series. The autoresponder series is the marketing engine and some would say the lifeblood of a “make money online” methodology.

Relationship Building Thru Autoresponders – Make Money Online

For those that dont know what an autoresponder series is, it is a series of email messages that automatically go out to a user who gets on the list. Most of us quickly burn out our lists by attempting to sell to the list prior to building a relationship and there are two very contrasting thoughts about this which I won’t go into here.

I would prefer to give value and build relationships with my list prior to letting them know about the latest set of tools to aid them on their way. If a marketer in the make money online genre comes off as being pushy or simply looking out for their own interests on an ongoing basis, then subscribers slowly drop off the list or stop answering the email. See part II in this series make money online for what next happened at the TLC seminar.