Daily Niches

What exactly is a daily niche? Something that happens or occurs daily within a small niche? So, why would you care unless it could make you money !

If you were looking for photographs of other kinds of daily niches, then this is the wrong spot, but if you wanna know ( And most of us do !! ) how it is that daily niches become important to the internet gurus who make the big bucks then listen up.

There are search patterns or trends that we typically look at in terms of months and years. It was obvious to anyone looking at the alexa.com trends last year that facebook was going to surpass myspace no matter how much the myspace boys talked up their goodness. The trendline was simply too strong.

Daily Niche Trendline for social networks from 2007

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But, you may say, that is a 3 year trend line what does that have to do with daily niches?

Not a whole lot, except to illustrate a common principal, if enough people do some or any activity anywhere on the internet , it will show up somewhere sooner or later.

Internet Marketers follow daily trends using several tools. The three groups of organizations most able to follow trends are the three leaders – Google, Yahoo and Facebook. They can follow and chart trends accurately to within a 1/10th of a percentage point because each day, billions of trackable human originated events take place on their sites.

Google’s tool is called google trends and sits here http://google.com/trends

It looks like this :

Trend Tool used to find daily Niches

Looking at the first one Quick Weight Loss Center, you can see that there was volcanic type activity. Note that Google won’t tell us during the first couple of hours just how many people “Volcanic means” ha ha, but if you have an adwords account and you ask for those keywords “Quick Weight Loss Center”, the meaning of volcanic will become immediately apparent to you, lol.

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See chart with red Volcanic line below. Note also how the TV and celebrities helped to mold this explosive trend.

Daily Trends ( Note this is hourly trend with explosive Volcanic interest that peaked 4 hours prior to this image )

So, how would I as a marketer use this information if it appeared that this trend might last longer than 4 hours?

I would first zero in on an event that had peripheral links to some commercial product perhaps in Amazon, Ebay or commission junction.

OK, now take a deep breath and read real fast.

You still with me? Great then get ready to throw up a wordpress blog at an isp who uses using cpanel ( 2 minute install – yes two minutes I am not kidding ), but first grab a domain from godaddy ( with a coupon ha ha ), configure the dns to point to your isp immediately (2 mins), install wordpress then configure the write option on the wordpress blog to ping 100+ search engines on every post (10 mins), look for a few free uberarticles or ezinearticles which are relevent to your volcanic trend to populate the blog with ( by agreement you must use the resource box/link that comes with the article ), use a few wordpress plugins to populate those free articles with advertising relevant to your trend from recognized online stores like amazon, commission junction, clickbank and ebay ( 10-15 minutes ) . Wow, that was a cool runaway sentence, hope you did it on one breath. If not, go back and try again,lol.

We are now about an hour into the trend and already we have a site up with articles and the DNS that links our domain name to our funky IP address is about to become visible to a large part of the world. Create a quick sitemap, and register the sitemap and the site itself with google webmaster tools (10 mins).

The next step would be to write at least one original 400-500 word article describing the trend. Now syndicate that article to about 700 websites and ensure that the same article hits hubpages, ezinearticles, squidoo and a few other web2.0 spots. The syndication won’t go out in real time. It takes a day or so for approval and then the push. But directly submitting to ezinearticles, goarticles, articledirectory, squidoo, hubpages and 40 other websites can be immediate.

Your remote articles point back to your original article, so go back to the original, add some pictures and a youtube video if you can find one.

Go back to your web2.0 properties where you put your copies and find their rss feeds. Copy the urls of those feeds and feed that back to pingomatic at a minimum. If you want to go overboard feed them to the half dozen feed places recommended by feedburner ( owned by google ) and don’t forget feedburner itself.

Rss Syndication is the missing link from most seo guys toolbox, but you got the info for free here.

By, now, just 2-3 hours later, Google recognizes that several online services have repetitiously told it in near real time that there is some funky new site with worthy information relevant to one of the hot trends its following.

Will and can this work? Of course it can, but it helps tremendously if you didn’t have to start exactly from scratch.

What do I mean?

Suppose, for example, you noticed that hollywood celebrities were 30-40% of the trends.

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If you concentrate your efforts on building one hollywood type site, follow the above procedures and let the site grow and mature, with new celebrity trendy information thrice daily, your chances of being picked up by google for the next celebrity trend are far higher than trying to wave the red flag at the Google bull while the trend is already in motion.

Ok, so you have done all the above, looked back at the trend and its still going strong. Wanna step up your own efforts? Try a bookmarking submission service who can bookmark your new site a few hundred times in the next day or two.

Buzz is what is used on Yahoo to track trends. Ironically, to find it, I am going to tell you to go google it, lol. Later this year, I will be advising that you Bing it, lol.

Buzz tracker gives significantly more information on Hollywood starlets than does google. So if you see a huge trendline in google, after reading the latest **news** inside the google trendline, go check yahoo buzz to get a rounder more informative view on what he or she is doing or not doing lately.

Facebook also has a behind the scenes trend tracker, that has demographics that both google and yahoo can only intelligently guess at.

Facebook can easily track daily or hourly trends, though that is not being shown here. Daily Niches