Parsix GNU/Linux 8.10 “Erik” & 8.15 “Nev” Receive Latest Debian Security Updates

After releasing the first Test build of the upcoming Parsix GNU/Linux 8.15 “Nev” operating system a couple of days ago, today, October 23, 2016, the Parsix GNU/Linux development team announced the availability of new security updates for all supported Parsix GNU/Linux releases.

On the blackboard write sudp apt-get install a-life.

Parsix GNU/Linux 8.10 “Erik” is the current stable release of the Debian-based operating system, and it relies on the Debian Stable (Debian GNU/Linux 8 “Jessie”) software repositories. On the other hand Parsix GNU/Linux 8.15 “Nev” is the next major version, which right now is in development, but receives the same updates as the former.

Therefore, we’d like to inform those of you who use the Parsix GNU/Linux operating system on their personal computers that new security updates are available, patching various issues with software projects like Icedove email and news client, Tor tool for enabling anonymous communication, as well as the libgd2 and kdepimlibs libraries.

Now powered by Linux kernel 4.4.27 LTS

Moreover, users will be able to install new versions of the Ghostscript interpreter for the PostScript language and PDF documents, the FreeImage library, and Quagga routing software suite. Additionally, both Parsix GNU/Linux 8.10 “Erik” and Parsix GNU/Linux 8.15 “Nev” are now powered by the long-term supported Linux 4.4.27 kernel.

We’d like to remind readers that Linux kernel 4.4.27 LTS is patched against the nasty “Dirty COW” bug that could allow a local attacker to gain administrative privileges on the affected system. Therefore, you are urged to update your Parsix GNU/Linux installation as soon as possible. More details can about the security issues released can be found at

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