Rockstar Seo without backlinks

Seo without backlinks – Part 1

I thought I would call this article seo rockstars or seo bia*ch*s in the trenches but its not really corporate sounding you think, and who knows if some well meaning secretary won’t innocently pick this up and read it to her stiff upper lipped boss.

seo without backlinks

One day someone will write a book about the guys and gals who defined the landscape for search engine reverse engineering. I know the rather “proppa” term is search engine optimization or search engine promotion or just plain seo but the truth is that “reverse engineering” is really and truly what everyone and their scientifically inclined mother is attempting to do with the Google algorithm.

We hit position number 6 in the serps ( search engine result pages ) for the term marketing, and last week, we hit the number 2 position right behind Wikipedia for “internet marketing”. The first has an uneven competition level of 300 million plus, so my cat thinks this is quite an under-achievement. Don’t mind my cat, its rather not impressed with anything much.

So, we have decided to celebrate by basically giving away all our seo secrets. Yes, you heard and read that right. We are ready to give away  the secret sauce.

Secret sauce giveaway – seo without backlinks

Our peers are just gonna freak at this but here goes. To rank near the top of the search engine and make half a quillion dollars dees is ze sauce. In a nutshell.

  • Write uniquely original content and ensure that your keywords are found in your title, a few times in the article and it will help greatly if they are also in the h1,h2 and h3 tags as well as in anchor text on the page.
  • The page should have no more than 3% density for the keyword phrase ( because otherwise it looks and acts and walks and talks like spam )
  • If you have a wordpress blog and use a plugin like ultimate seo, you can automatically add a few links to that particular page from other internal pages by using incoming autolink anchors.
  • If you have a wordpress blog and you are not sure of your onpage optimization, then use Tan’s simple but effective SeoPressor product to help you achieve a 90% or better score on the page. After you achieve your 90% score, detone the keyword phrase in the article by using synonyms where possible so that the article doesn’t end up looking like 3% spam on a certain keyword phrase. At that point, you are ignoring the seopressor score.

Astonished yet ? – seo without backlinks

OK, my friends. That’s it.

That’s usually all you need to do.

Yes, really. That’s it. Perhaps you didn’t need an seo consultant after all, lol.

Ok, so you want an explanation!

So, Why exactly does this work ?

Here it is.

What I described above is exactly what Google, Yahoo and Bing are hoping a mom and pop organization will do.

So, what about that day job that so many of us seo get paid to do late at night ?

The one that is humorously not called seo without back-linking. Ahhh, good question.

Google is hoping that there should be no such job description as a backlinker, since it’s a position that generally **contrives** to make a site look more popular than it really is.

And in Google’s perfect world, all seo specialists would find full time employment on a space station without an internet connection.

CraigsList Ad : Mom and Pop looking for seo without backlinks

Mom and Pop's Seo

How many mom and pop operations around the world will pay or even know to pay for backlinking services? Ouch, thats the wrong question.

How many Mom and Pop businesses will even know they need seo ?

Probably less than .000001%  — Nobody knows this number, its just too small.

So, the point is, not withstanding the Google Page patent or Hilltop patent, since most businesses need to be seen online and will not be employing backlinking strategies, Google and other search engines must find a way to determine how uniquely relevant content should be shown to users.

Vote popularity – the Page Patent

In the past, they have generally let other users vote by counting the number of backlinks to a document or site. However, this gets abused by specialists who do nothing but vote correctly and with absolute surgical precision again and again for their commercial clients.

So, think about it, how then does Google know what to show ?

When you come up with an answer, pass it on to us and we will pass it thru to our Google representative who will probably scratch her head in puzzlement. The truth is, this problem is a major conundrum for Google.

Here, let me re-phrase the problem  again.

The small town seo problem

How does Google show results for the hairdresser down the street, if that hair dresser puts up her site but focuses on being the best hairdresser and does no backlinking. Over a 6 month period perhaps 4 clients may make reference to that hairdresser’s website but certainly not using the keywords that the hairdresser would like.

And yet, this is one of the best hairdressers in town and is generally very well liked by a town that generally doesn’t even use the internet well – btw, that’s my town of 200,000 people.

And the 3 auto mechanics, 4 pizza shops, 5 chiropractors, 6 dentist offices and so forth and so forth …  how exactly do they all get seen in the search results if they have few or no backlinks?

Google local business renamed to Google Places is an option, but other than this registration process, how really were these fine businesses going to be found.

Google simply has to go back to basics and hope for a well formed, well written unique piece of work that Google can then compare for category, uniqueness, regional locality amongst other factors in order to represent that business or individual in the search results.

Voting for your own site ?

Who gets to vote

So, what am I saying here?

… certainly not that backlinks are not important but simply that in tens of millions of cases, in order to rank Google simply hpoes  to work with  well formed unique pages/websites that they know could be important and have no backlinks.

Further, we are saying that the Google algorithm must therefore somehow be able to fairly reflect this non-voting anomaly even when some competitors have tens of thousands of backlinks or votes.

Other than sheer conjecture, do I have one shred of evidence to prove this?

Yesss, I do. A halloween website specialist did a live online event last year where thousands of people sat in and listened and watched as he discussed micro-sites and how his halloween sites ranked in the top 3 on google for their terms with little or no backlinks. Yes, I still have the video and no I am not putting that 90 minute monster  up. You can ask the wonderful gentleman who runs microniche finder for it, but that’s as much of a hint as I am giving away.

Anthony over at NicheATM and dozens and dozens of his cohorts are putting up thousands of one page websites that have a highly strategic balance of content and they are ranking on the first page of google for their domain names which are in fact search terms. In Anthony’s video, he showed us other webmasters who had caught the trick and who were also doing the same thing.

And just so you know, they are not putting up websites for terms like “peanutbutterjellystripeddonuts” which no one is competing for but for terms in the extremely competitive insurance industry which in case you didn’t know has massive competition and adword costs in excess of 10 dollars per click.

And no, we are not advertising Anthony and his service. To the best of my knowledge nicheAtm is now closed to the public.

The point being, only that, using this particular Google loophole ( Gosh, I hate cliches ) that Google must allow in order to show mom and pop website content, tens of thousands of sites with no backlinks are sitting right up there with the big boys who have massive teams working on building networks of backlinks.

At this point, you must be asking, “Hey big shot, long winded, shiny head, forked tongue writer – have you personally done this no backlink show up in top 10 thingy yet ?”

For a quarter of a beat between heartbeats, I realized that I was dreading this question. But the answer is …

Ranking – seo without backlinks

Yes. I have 3 websites that I totally forgot to *vote* for, and 2 more left intentionally adrift. They all rank in the top 10 for their primary search terms which are their domain names.

  • Two of them, related to Ardyss, are in the top 4 for terms with searches of about 2-3,000 monthly.
  • Two related to auto service ( brakes, service ) are both number 1 in their region
  • One related to pearl earrings is number 2 or 3 on many google datacenters

In another case,slightly different case, a minor real estate site, fly condo toronto ( no backlinks ), pushed one internal link to my primary realestate site which caused the latter to rank in the top 3 for fly condo toronto. This latter is an instance of the micro-sites methodology which for the most part really doesn’t represent typical link building either. But it does illustrate the “Power of One”. Ok, that just sounded classic, so i threw it in there, but truthfully 1 backlink is not backlinking.

I know those are not howls of protest that I am hearing from my seo peers !

Update – seo without backlinks – exactly 1 week later

This article entitled Rockstars Seo without backlinks ranked in the top 5 on 5 major search engines sometimes within the first 3 hours. After 72 hours, Google started ranking the excerpt of this article which is on the front page of the site over the actual article itself. The effect of that is that the front blog page of the site does not use “seo without backlinks” as its title and the article slid from position 3 and 4 and 8 on the 5 search engines to page 2 on google and page 2 on bing.

The reason that this happened is that the front page of most websites carry an enormous amount of domain trust and usually have the best page rank of the site since most linking structures on the site point back to *Home* which is the front page.

The answer to this would be to either take the Excerpt of the seo without backlinks article off of the front page ( which for purely idiotic testing reasons I am not about to do ) or use backlinks to prop up the status of the desired page.

I am not about to use backlinks from other sites on an article that claims boldly to be about ranking without backlinks ( as that would defeat the purpose right ? ) however, as I mentioned above the ultimate seo plugin does allow backlinks from within your OWN site. It can take a few days for the search engines to see that but it does work. So, “Rockstars seo without backlinks” has dropped to page two, but I will update this in 72 hours and let you know what happens when internal links start kicking in.

Warm Regards

Trevor Weir – Article RockStar, seo without backlinks

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