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Seo services for your website for $125.00 ? It’s possible, particularly if you already have an seo expert and what you need is a bit of tuning on what he or she has done or just a second pair of eyes if your web traffic is very important to the income flow for your business.

We have seen a current university professor offering search engine marketing services at this price level. These were just search engine submission services which really don’t carry the weight that they did several years ago but nevertheless the offer appeared to be valid.

Seo Services Being Offered

Typically, however, this is not the case and either a site has had no seo services done on it or there has been a series of botched search engine optimization jobs that have attempted shortcuts or used blackhat techniques that are disallowed or frowned on by the search engines. Every now and then we are asked to audit someone else’s seo work and find that a moderate amount of work was done but perhaps it was too traditional or encompassed many backlinks from very weak non-authoritative sites.

Seo services, formally known as search engine optimization should really start during the site design and not after – as many Design teams seem to think. It should start in the design stages particularly for large data driven retail sites that might grow to encompass thousands or even hundreds of retail items.

As in many areas of seo professional competence there are “Best Practices” which are known and documented in by Google and there are blackhat techniques that attempt to exploit a recent discovered hole” in the search engines. These backdoor holes eventually get closed and sometimes those that were found to be intentionally exploiting them can get their site blacklisted.

Four years ago a Norwegian seo team discovered that they could take the data feed of a retail site and recreate a robot generated site from the thousands of items in the datafeed. These thousands of pages were then relinked back to the original site in such a way that the original site now appeared to have thousands if not tens of thousands of seo crafted on topic backlinks. Google, didn’t specifically say one couldn’t do this, but its obviously a contrived backlinking scheme that isn’t the norm nor is it natural. Yahoo, Microsoft and Google gave this technique credit for about 2 years before changing the algorithm and blacklisting some of the sites using it.

Oddly enough, one of the sites that the norwegian team claimed to have used the technique on was number 5 in the world ( won’t name names here, they have more lawyers than we do ) at that time and simply couldn’t be blacklisted because it was and still is a “Foundation site” that is well known in the public eye.

The competitiveness of your business landscape within the search engines will determine how much it might cost to get you ranked in the top 10 whether on your regional google datacenter or worldwide on many google datacenters.

For a more indepth explanation on how this works go to Toronto seo services or Seo Service Toronto where there is an explanation on how your regional/National/Global search needs and requirements will affect what it will cost to get you in the top 10 in a few days, weeks or months.

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