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The fastest way to get new customers to your doorstep is by using seo services which includes both a diagnostic and marketing component, right?

Google WebTools Now Usable

Well, that sounds right, but the truth is – it’s not really. This is a discussion about search engine optimization services but the truth is you can get potential clients a lot faster through ppc ( pay per click ) — not seo. I have sometimes brought in new queries in a few minutes and in some cases new direct sales in as little as a few hours.

So, why do so many people spend so many tens of thousands of hours annually trying their hand at seo ( search engine optimization ) ?

Seo Services vs Pay Per Click

Well, the answer to this is quite easy. Ppc ( Pay per click ), particularly in the hands of an experienced specialist is, without question, the fastest way to get your phone ringing with potential new customers on the line.

However, it’s also the easiest way to potentially tear a massive hole in your pocket, even experts may take a few thousand dollars or pounds to test a market place in order to give pinpoint answers to their clients for a market analysis.

The Answer to this Seo Services vs PPC Question ?

So, what should one do? It’s actually really quite simple.

If you can afford to, you should do Both. PPC can yield incredible backend statistics from the google engine that can help to shape the exact keywords that are most likely to convert to real customers.

But engaging in seo services is seductive primarily because after the initial investment of time and effort has been made, generally very little maintenance is required to keep those massive money positions in the google serps ( search engine result pages )

So, what truly is involved in engaging seo services for your website ?

You will need to have the following bases need to be covered

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Article Syndication

Video Syndicaton

Press Releases

Blog/Forum Marketing

500 monthly Recurring

seo services

2000 monthly recurring

seo services

7500 monthly recurring

seo services

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