Seo Without Backlinking – Part 2

Seo Without backlinking

Can A Page Rank without Backlinks ?

In part 1 of this 3 part series, I expounded on the theory that Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing and others have to walk a pretty polarized line when it comes to what results to show when a user enters a search term.

I am going to call this term, “Seo without backlinking“, my own little terminology which might be easier to the non-technical – “Getting elected without a vote”

Its well known in the political world that “He who has the most votes wins” and the most votes is simply the most people saying “Yea” at the right time. In online parlance, votes are links from other sites and when you win the vote, generally you get shown in the search listings. ( This isn’t 100% true but the world isn’t perfect and this is true enough for this particular example )

Vote Getting Spectrum – Seo without backlinking

What we, who are in the “vote getting spectrum” tend to forget ( all too easily, I’m afraid ) is that Google, Bing and others owe it to the small mom and pop businesses and smaller regional manufacturers to show their sites whenever and wherever it looks like it might be the best fit for a user search. In a perfect world, the site with the most positive votes for queries in that sector should place in the top results on a very frequent basis.

This line becomes difficult for Google and others to balance due to the fact that those of us who know “how to Vote” oftentimes use many hours each day devoted to the automatic voting concept on behalf of our customers. Because of this difficulty, I am proposing that Google and others are already employing algorithms that help rankings via a type of seo without backlinking.

Seo Specialists – seo without backlinking

Each seo specialist might deal with 10-20 clients during the year and thus in certain industries or online sectors, thousands of seo specialists may be helping in the vote concept in literally 20,000 or more businesses  who are getting votes that didn’t come naturally.

For these thousands of seo specialists who make their living

Seo Specialists Practicing around the planet of Neptune

at getting votes, its fiendishly difficult for them to accept that Google simply doesn’t like what they are doing and wishes that they would practice their well honed craft up on a geo-orbiting space station somewhere around the far side of Neptune.

For the small town business who has no clue how to get their site to the top of the listing, there is no way that they are realistically going to even rank against even a moderately incompetent seo specialist.

They simply won’t and this is not in the best interest of the search engines. These smaller business don’t know even understand what seo is and as for seo with backlinking or without backlinks, they are pretty well clueless and they are the salt of the earth. They are probably more than 99.9% of the businesses on the web.

The Conundrum

So, the conundrum is, what will Google do about this? For more information on seo without backlinks please read my former article.

Where is the Proof ? – Ranking without backlinks

The former article, seo without backlinks, here on this site, ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing within 3 hours of writing it. When I say, “ranked”, I don’t mean it was merely indexed, I mean it showed up in the top 5 search places within the 3 hours mentioned.

Because this is a blog, it was on the front page of this site, which carries a significant amount of domain trust and it was also on its own page.

For more proof of search engine optimization without backlinking – check out this same article written Nov 18th, it should rank in the top 10 of Google, today for this term “seo without backlinking– Yes today, not tomorrow! I am simply that confident.

Ranking Internationally – Seo without backlinking

So, there is no doubt that a page can rank internationally on all Google Datacenters, Bing and Yahoo, sometimes in minutes and obviously without any of the backlinks that seo specialists love to tell customers that they absolutely must have.

So, again, how really did this happen and what is the mechanism that Google, Bing, Ask and other search engines use to determine what should rank and what should not.

Most of seo professionals are still crying loud and clear the mechanism is backlinks, so lets see how we resolve that.

To get to the heart of how this happened we would need to look at what I said in the former article.  Most small businesses are getting websites now. Hairdressers, gas stations, mechanics, spas, etc. Perhaps as many as one in three or one in five businesses in your town have an internet presence of some sort.

Local Search – Seo without backlinking

If you live in Napanee, Ontario ( which is where  famous girl singer lived ) and you are searching for pizza, what are you most likely to type?

If you have never done this before the following sequence is likely.

  • Pizza ( Which will bring back some National brands )
  • Pizza, Napanee ( Which will bring Pizza stores in the town )
  • Pizza specials, Napanee ( Which might tell you about 2 for 1 specials in your area )

Every pizza store worth its salt that has Napanee anywhere on its website, should show up on this search and some may be advertising 2 for 1 specials if they have any sense ( and others will be dominated by national brands who don’t care to enable their local stores – ha ha )

This same logic applies to hairdressers, repair shops, auto sales etc.

When people search broadly and get the wrong results, they narrow their search.

Searching Google For Fish And Chips

After all, if you are in Oxford looking for a fish and chips shop, do you really want to see national brands or very well seo’d website like the over zealous “mom and pop chippy shop” who hired an seo expert in order to show up all over england, instead of their cozy little place in Wiggan.

More often than not, the answer is you are looking for things to buy or review that are near you.

When you are doing research and want the best answer globally, then Google tends to give you a few choices.

  • Highly respected sites that many people have voted for, visit frequently etc.
  • A few youtube videos
  • Current News Feeds concerning your search phrase
  • Images that have text describing your search phrase
  • Review sites that are respected based on votes or backlinks
  • A bunch of alternate search terms that are similar to what you just typed in

So, now we understand how many of us narrow our search down but that doesn’t really answer the question about how pages on a hairdressers site can rank in the top results of Google, Yahoo or Bing particularly if friends who vote for a page, put a link back from their facebook or twitter account without using the keywords that the hairdresser wants to be ranked on or found for.

Twitter and Facebook, like many other social sites currently use nofollow tags which in theory means that links from these sites dont pass any link love forward, but they might pass domain trust and when or if Google decides to change this, its likely that they won’t be telling us overtly.

But the truth is that mechanisms such as twitter, facebook, linkin, delicious, digg, stumbleon and other social bookmarking sites are the most available methods for the average user to express pleasure or displeasure with a particular site despite possible abuse by seo people.

The truth is: If the regional hairdresser’s site uses

  • Unique titles having her town in the title, to describe her services
  • Unique articles ( not copied from elsewhere )
  • Her address prominently in one or more places
  • Google places ( this one takes direct action but is the most obvious with the highest returns )
  • And does NOT hire and seo
  • And gets just one link from facebook or linkin or twitter or a local business association

Then it will be found regionally for her/his aforementioned town or city.

If the hairdresser took 10 minutes and applied for Google local business now known as Google spaces, then its a guarantee that it will be found sooner or later by clients.

If you are following this discussion and want to be registered so that you can be found contact me at trevor weir ( @) ( without the spaces )

If your business is in the US, we can apply the google yellow tag to your business listing which will give you absolutely phenomenal results.

So, we have determined that the hairdresser can be found locally without seo help.

Getting found in the serps – seo without backlinking

But would it be found county wide or statewide or province wide?

No, probably not and there isn’t a real good reason for that most times.

And would it be found nationally? … As in a search not including its town?

Again, the short answer is NO, why should a hairdresser want to be found nationally when it likely can’t offer services nationally?

Hence, seo without backlinks for businesses like this comprise only getting their website up with unique title tags, unique articles and a mention of their business address with a google local business listing.

So, lets forget local search. You have decided your junk needs to be found nationally.

Well for that my friend, you need votes and depending on the competitiveness of “your junk” you may need an awful lot of votes.

Why votes? Because a lot of votes coming back to a site as backlinks represents varying degrees of trust being conferred on the site receiving the backlinks.

Why Does Wikipedia show up in so many search Results ?

This is how a new article in Wikipedia, that is quite new ( as in a few minutes old with no backlinks ) can outrank articles on other trusted sites.

The answer is because its root domain, Wikipedia or or or or has an enormous amount of backlinks pointing at it. These sites have over 80 Million backlinks, so articles put on these sites that have unique titles tend to rank extremely well on not only Google but Yahoo, Ask and other search engines.

So, we have said two contrasting things, huh?

We have stated categorically that you can rank a unique page with a unique title without backlinks.

Then we stated that some pages that rank internationally have domains that have a bunch of backlinks.

So, where is the truth? Do we need votes or don’t we ?

Does your site need Votes or Not ?

It is, simply in both statements. Regional stores or local businesses having websites may not need more than a few backlinks to simply show Google that they are there, in order for their pages to rank on a regional or local basis.

If  however, you are an insurance company or regional ranking is simply not good enough, there are very few ways that your key pages can rank for competitive terms without a strategy that gets votes votes and more votes on an ongoing basis.

Stay tuned for part 3 of seo without backlinking and voting for yourself – is that like cheating ?