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C++ Json

C++ Json libraries There are at least 3 major, well used c++ json libraries used for reading and writing to json data structures. Our plan is not to use any of them. We are going to first focus on what a json structure looks like, then look at how we might traverse such a structure in much the same way that a javascript coder might do so. But for those who are looking for a c++ json reader that...
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c++ file io administration

C++ file io Management

C++ file io management - what that really means File management in any language really means - "How we store the data that is important to us". In C and C++ this could also technically mean storing data to a stream, where that stream could be a file or could be some kind of output such as a console, network, printer, live video stream, etc.In our case, the how will be straight storage as well as...
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