C++ Booleans and flow control,

C++ Booleans are a byte sized memory space which simply holds the data variable for " is it true or is it not?". Programmers usually put the word "is" in front of the variable so that it reads more English like. So a bool is likely to be named isbeautiful or isCorrect, rather than simply beautiful which could be an int rating from 1 - 10. Adding the "is" to a variable such as "cold" does not...
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Lesson 4 – C++ Char Type, String Type

Diving into the c++ char type. This very small memory type holds enough space for 1 English type character. Below x is a single char. However, y is an array of chars. Both c and c++ have several ways of expressing an array of chars. char x = 'C';char y = {'C','h','e','r','r','y','\0'}; /* We look at the char type that holds single characters Programmer: Jane Doe Date : May 2020 */ #include...
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Lesson 2 – C++ int variables

The int and double. There are many arcane tings' about C++ programming that we are not going to get into immediately in order to keep things simple. Those are for advanced developers. The aim is to quickly push you through so that you are programming as quickly as possible. Remember that you can copy and paste this code up at and test it immediately. The online compiler is your friend. /* We...
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c++ Tutorial online programming. Girl in black sitting in front of computer pausing to think.

C++ Tutorial Online Programming Secrets

C++ Tutorial - Lesson 1 Online Programming c++ tutorials can be best learned by ... Giving the lesson "Quality Time"Review the online programming examples more than oncePractice - ( code from memory on paper, then code into your compiler/editor and check for errors )Teach some other fool about c++ programming - no one available? Talk to the wall. So let's start learning a bit of c++ tutorial...
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