What Really Works Now a days – Online Marketing

You could make the same mistakes that I have made for years, but I am here to say that they work sporadically and there must be a very, very thirsty, parched marketplace ready and screaming your name before you hit the home run this way. It has really only happened to me thrice and because…

Online Marketing on Steriods

9 Tips to Successful Online Marketing

First off, before we hit this online marketing stuff, let me get something off my chest and say in a totally unqualified manner – that I am a dummy. Not just an ordinary dummy in the streetwise, colloquial sense of the word, but a true 100% “el stupido” as […]

Armor piercing keywords – Online Sales and Marketing

As promised, you have probably reached this point by following my article how to use armor piercing kewords. It is likely that you are either running a business or thinking about running a business in which case understanding how variations on words allow you to get through the shield that we all put up can…

Niche Marketing Scam or Fortune ?

The Niche marketing – Scam or Not?

Fast growing amongst the popular terminologies being thrown around by online marketers is the term Niche Market or Niche Marketing in its various forms.

It would appear to be dominating their every conversation and for good reason. It is actually where the money …