C++ Flow Control if else switch case syntax – steal our code

There are a number of flow control syntax constructs in C++. They are basically the same as those in C, so if you are a C programmer you can skip this section. The c++ flow control constructs involve variations of : if, if else if syntax, while(isTrue) ..., do ... while(isTrue) and my favorite ...c++ switch case syntax ...with variations of continue, break and default c++ Flow Control Code...
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Lesson 3 – C++ int to Double – explicit cast

Let's discuss the c++ int to double and explicit casting. Without the casting a strange kind of math occurs -- one that might surprise your math teacher. int x=1, y=2;double z;z = double(x) / y; /* We look at the double data type it can hold #'s with decimal points Programmer: Jane Doe Cause : C++ Int to Double, explicit cast Date : May 2020 */ #include <iostream> using namespace std; int...
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