The Car Auction. To bid or not. But is that even the Question?

Hey wanta hear something odd?

I went to a car auction today. While walking past the auctioneer, he made this funny joke about wouldn’t wanna make the big guy angry at me or anything. My head spun around looking for the big guy that the auctioneer was discussing publicly on his mic.

I blushed as I realized, gosh its me!

About an hour later, a 2004 Chev Impala came down the line of cars and I heard from across the large auction area that it was going for 1600. I quickly shouldered my way thru 2 lanes of cars and people to see it.

By the time I got there, a horde of people had descended on it and the bid started moving quickly upward from 1800.

I walked quickly around it and by the time I had done that, the price was 2000.

I looked in the window at the odometer and the price went to 2100

I paused 2 seconds to make a quick decision and the price went to 2200.
I started putting up my hand and the darn price went to 2300.

The auctioneer noticed my hand up, set the price at 2350, everyone looked at me and the bidding simply stopped.

The funny auctioneer tried for the next 30 seconds but no one would place another bid on the car. Finally, he made some joke about big arms frightening off the competition and stopped the bid.

So, I got this medium mileage 2004 Impala, worth about 7,000 for a mere 2350.

Wow, sometimes size does matter. lol

So, what’s the point of this?

I told a friend of mine this story and he said that would not have happened if the auction took place online. And he was right. As an online marketer, seller or buyer, you can do everything in your pajamas, without your makeup, hair piece or eye shadow. You can’t be intimidated by someone else’s physical presence, their perfume, suggestive clothing, aggressive stance or any of those other human aspects.

You have the freedom of choice and that choice is yours. To succeed or not is entirely up to you. Picking up a niche market that you believe in, doing some research on it, getting a domain name and using a cms like joomla or wordpress to quickly put up a site ( No html skills required ) then actively marketing that in similar discussion boards and other blogs is — in one runaway sentence **all you need to do**

Running an online business from home is like a dream job. Demanding, sometimes frustrating but definitely worth the reward for the 5% who figure out how to make it work.

With an online business, to get out of bed or not is entirely your choice. You can work with your computer on your lap, snuggled up nice and warm under your blankets while others are fighting snow drifts trying to get to work…

Or, and this is my favorite – Get yourself out on a beach somewhere warm, bring your laptop and try not to let your annoying Attention Deficit Syndrome get the better of you as the scantily clad bodies get between you and your view of the blue, blue water, ahhh I mean your computer screen.