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TVShack – Where is it now ?

TV Shack and free downloading sites

An interesting phenomena has developed over the past two decades. We all love to watch Free TV. Ok that wasn’t news unless you live on a far moon of the planet Neptune.

Well, at least, I thought that organisms there wouldn’t know but a nerdy friend told me that we are saturating them with radio waves carrying time honored programs like …like, ok I’m not about to tell you what I watch, ok. I know you spend inordinate amounts of time on TV Shack but that doesn’t mean I have to tell you where and how I spend my own.

Five years ago, pundits ( whom their bosses actually call stock Analysts ) told us that TV was dead because the internet was taking over. And the raw reality is that people actually like talking and socializing far more than they like simply watching as evidenced by the growth of this weird exception to the social network rule – tv shack.


TVshack – More popular than even the BBC ? You’re kidding right ?

Which is why in hindsight, social networking sites like Facebook, Friendster, Bebo,Hi5 and others shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone except the aliens on the far side of Neptune who are probably not getting friended, facebooked or choked by requests for farmville.

So, it may come as a surprise to some that contrary to what I just wrote, there is a significant group of people who think just the opposite. Yeah, you know who you are.

More People looking for tv shack than the BBC or whitehouse

In fact, they are so significant that at many times last year this group of people watching free TV programs, movies etc at TV Shack were more than double the number of people at one of the most popular websites in the world – or the venerable american whitehouse which appears intent on closing down the and sites nearly as quickly as they reorganize and get themselves going.

TVshack popularity – show me the proof !

In the graph above, the constant orange line that looks like a heart beat is the venerable ever present representing the british broadcasting group who is literally still heard all over the world – most Americans wouldn’t really know about this but for those in the commonwealth the BBC is legend, even if some of us dont like it.

TV shack web image

The bright yellow line represents annual interest in whatever happens in the whitehouse.

The rebel blue line that started in mid 2007 represents all of us TV shack afficionados who started visiting this site in huge numbers in 2008 and who are showing a significant addiction going into 2009 and 2010.

Our addiction for is in fact so strong that even though it is officially ( if temporarily ) shutdown, there are more of us looking for, and tv shack variants than there are god fearing citizens watching the ever present ever boring BBC. takes on myspace

If you look at the new graph below, you will see that in Nov you guys and gals out there looking for TV Shack and variations of the TV-shack keywords almost touched in traffic the massive traffic moving through

Don’t believe me ! Take a look below at the google trend chart.

TV shack Phenomena. Go gals go … You know the Feds can’t stop yah, ha ha

Ok, enough about tv shack. The quintessential question at the moment is where is the content for tvshack now.

The US feds have put a big ugly looking graphic up on the site which essentially says that they have taken it over.

So, where is TVShack ?

Where will it show up next ?

Yeah, we think we know, but don’t think we are going to make it that easy for just anyone to find out.

TVShack oh where oh where are you ?

It was rumoured that TVShack had paired up with Jersylicious, but the truth is that we simply don’t know how much fact is in that rumour – and perhaps we should encourage you not to repeat that since TVshack is playing hide and go seek at the moment.

Its also heavily rumoured that a someone knows where your favorite tvshack is now hanging out but you have to sign up to get that information because its not just being given to just anyone you know.


So as the venerable Spock would say TvShack “Live Long and Prosper”.

And Totally unrelated but here is my favorite song for the month on youtube.