What Really Works Now a days – Online Marketing

We know that people go crazy for cats and dogs but is this really the best we can do?

You could make the same mistakes that I have made for years, but I am here to say that they work sporadically and there must be a very, very thirsty, parched marketplace ready and screaming your name before you hit the home run this way. It has really only happened to me thrice and because it was in rapid succession and brought in tens of millions, I ignorantly thought ( yes quite mistakenly ) that this is always how it is.

So, here is the thing that works sporadically.

Take a budget, partition it amongst your days allocated for spend, then very intelligently and craftily fling it against the wall ( Google / Facebook / Bing / 7Search ) and wait patiently for the results. As those results come in, fine-tune that budget and maybe the demographics and continue with the world class pitching — cause there is a chance that it really might work. This is partially how I sold  3 condos in Toronto for a friend a few years back.

But, I did build a site with an exact domain name and scooped up traffic that way and I did build an autoresponder list (1shoppingcart) and people called from that list. So, I added a few more pieces of the right stuff because,  at that time, this is all any of the best of us knew to do.

But during the same time, I was in the office of a friend who was a Toronto based realtor and noticed that one of my mantras was on the wall or in one of the magazines, but I remember seeing it in his office.

It said: “You must touch your customer 33 times before the sale and we don’t care if you call them, whisper to them, laugh with them, laugh at them, walk their dog, dry hump them, send a b-day card ( to all members of family ), show up for their backyard barbecue, mysteriously show up at their business meetings, send them a text, send them an email, meet them in the bank, run into them at the post-office, hit them with your golf-ball,  dry-hump them again with or without their dog — but touch them”.

Yeah, I swear, I saw this in his office and NEVER ever forgot one word of it. (Yes, under duress, I will admit to paraphrasing a tiny bit of that 😉  )

And Here is the Marketing Groove that works now

To do this, requires that you “cookie your potential visitor to death”  ( ha ha, just one will do ) and follow them around for the next 90 days like they are a sweepstakes winner about to give away money at a bingo. But, you must have something interesting to say. Dry-humping them twice in a row isn’t actually funny nor interesting and in most jurisdictions is actually heavily frowned on. Yes, even if you do it once.

The old days we would simply retarget them with a dozen different ads. But them days are partially old.

Are you re-marketing to your customer base? Is that enough?

You have to content market to them and let them see that very subtle content marketing each and every day.
Every time, they open youtube, you’re in their face.
Every time they open the local online newspaper, you are once again in their face.
When they click “like/love/funny as hell” on that super cute hilarious video then get to the end and see the prologue – that’s you again, in their face.
And have they received a retweet, pin, sms message, facebook like, review of their linkedin account from your team yet this week?
It means really committing and making a substantial effort and this is what we would teach in the course.

And here is the thing. You probably have 20 things that you want to sell to them. How do you focus on that when your focusing in this?
How do you wrap it all in together so that it looks like you aren’t trying  to sell them on ANY particular widget, but trying to instead sell them on coming to you, so that you can open your jacket and show them all the goodies you must sell in the next 4 hours before police once again discover which street corner you’re once again hawking from this time.

So, thats the base structure. The magic that won’t work without this proper structure is FB intelligence.
Most of us in advertising try to use FB like we used Google or POF advertising.
I am not saying that’s stupid but …, it’s not the optimised way of using FB Advertising, but feel free to waste funds doing it that way if you really wish to because it could give you positive results.
We just don’t think those results are going to startle you much.

No, we are not giving away the secret sauce here. You will have to work a bit harder than that …

This is the start. But it takes serious commitment and for many of us who jump around from one thing to the other – the commitment is the missing ingredient.